Stay After The Iron Man 2 Credits To Catch A Glimpse At Thor And Captain America

With Marvels plan to bring all their super heros together well on its way, we can safely say that it will only be a matter of time before clips and pics will start to appear all over the web. And if you can remember after the first Iron Man credits their was a scene featuring Samuel L Jackson showing up as Nick Fury, thus giving us the idea of a team up. Also in the second Hulk(The Incredible Hulk) we see Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark approach a troubled General Ross at a bar and casualy says to him that “a team is coming together”.
According to sources Marvel is planning something similiar with Iron Man 2, but with Thor and Captain America. The rumour started from Italian site Bad Taste where it says that in Iron Man 2 there will be an after credit scene featuring Captain America and Thor. From what I have seen already of Iron Man 2, it’s clear that Nick Fury plays a substantial part in the movie and possibly he will play as the “recruiter” for each hero. But who knows, all I know is that I won’t be leaving before the credits finnish.


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