The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking, Details, Script

If you’ve seen Pitch Black than you will agree it was one badass mutha, but its sequel Chronicles of Riddick? Not so much. Now I don’t know what your opinion, but I enjoy a good Vin Diesel scifi. But in my books his ability to preform is in question after his last  sci-fi Babylon A.D, which was less than enjoyable

After going over the first script review, I and all Riddick fans can expect a lot from the finnished product. With original Pitch and Chronicles Director David Twhoy on Scriptwriting and Directing, with a budget around the $60 million mark we can really expect a good result. The script centres on Riddick, the most wanted man in the Galaxy left dead on a barren Alien planet, pitched against countless evils and the classic “bounty-hunters”.

Said review states the script is a “hard R script — it’s full of death action and peppered with nasty, filthy language.” which is what we all like to hear. Concept art from Vin Diesel Facebook profile can be seen below, please tune in for more info.

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