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‘Rango’ Featurette Gives Us A Chance To See Johnny Depp Being Silly, Anyhting New? Emotion Capture Brings Animation To A Whole New Level

It’s been a big year in terms of advances in film, with a almost revolutionary change in the way we go about things in animation going ahead — motion capture, the latest technology at front-runner Pixar‘s studios disposal. Now they’ve gone even further with the acting experience (cheesy I know) and thrashed out what actor Johnny Depp describes as “emotion capture” — sounds pretty flash right? Well it’s said to be the latest in the natural acting experience for audiences of animated films, and Pixar’s latest film, Rango, will be utilizing the style.

To put it into perspective Pixar have released this latest featurette on how the style works, basically it arcs between motion-capture and on-stage recordings to get a sense of realism — while working off of the actors natural movements for the CGI translation. The way it works is the cast acts out the scenarios that eventuate throughout the film, capturing the movements and some audio for realism.

Although this style is relatively new, a few other films in the past have worked in some way like this for animated features — including the 2010 release Fantastic Mr. Fox which used a watered down version of the style. So check out the video curtesy of Yahoo! Movies, which is a mix of the production style I just explained and some extra footage from Rango. And as always, enjoy!

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Trailer Trove: First Trailer For Paul Lands, Seth Rogen Is A Small Alien Cowboy…

So who thought the best of America, funny man Seth Rogan and British comedy-duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost could come to together to make such a stellar movie — and here it is, Paul. The movie that brought comedy together. Not that that’s a slight dramatization, but the news of the day is the landing of the very first theatrical trailer! And funnily enough its out of this world…

Yahoo UK were the first post the Sci-fi comedy trailer online, with youtube appearances popping up shortly after.

For those familiar with the plot, you will surely know that Paul follows two best friends Graeme Willy and Clive Gollings, played by Pegg and Frost, two british sci-fi geeks who are making their way across to San-Diego for Comic-con. The pair end up taking a trip to Nevada, for peak at Area 51 (is there ever was such a place). Along the road the duo find a alien called Paul, comical? yes no? All sorts of hi jinxes ensue as the two take Paul in to custody, whilst being chased by Men In Black type federal agents.

So plot aside I think Paul actually has a chance, although adding CGI to the reasonably CGIless comedians might prove to be interesting. From the pair that brought us such greats as Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, and from the the director of Superbad and Adventureland — starring Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Jason Bateman, and Seth Rogen. Paul has something going for it, great company.

Check out the trailer below, and as ever…enjoy!

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Has James McAvoy Just Joined The Rising And Falling Cast Of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies??

It’s been a slow year for the movie adaption of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, with further delays meaning that only now – practically at the very end of this year – is the casting for the zombie-parody now ready to get cracking. For those a little less familiar with the book, it’s what you get when you mash-up the classic Jane Austin novel with a bunch of flesh eating zombies (or “Unmentionables” as they call them). So you can only imagine the appeal!!

Having read the book myself, way back in 2009 when it was released under its and other mash-ups publisher Quirk Classics (which have adapted several other Austin classics already) I naturally assumed that a film adaption was only to be expect from such an exceptional pairing. Jane Austin and Zombies, who knew?

The real news however comes from a Scottish Newspaper called The Daily Record, who claim that X-Men: First Class actor James McAvoy (already a fan favorite for the role of mr. Darcey) has been signed on as resident dream-boat and subsequent zombie slayer Mr. Darcy. Who for this version has been side-benched as the stories main protagnist — in this case being replaced by Zombies!

Hotly discussed on the Imdb boards, PPAZ has already gained a cult status with readers — and what I’ve interpreted from the many posts and replies is that McAvoy is perfect for the role. Born for it in fact, as so many bluntly put it. I however disagree, seeing as McAvoy not only lacks the required height but just doesn’t protrude a zombie-slaying badass — let alone the ability to put forward a arrogant, self-indulged prick like Darcy!

The article also states that the role of lead heroine and fellow zombie-slaying-badass Elizabeth Bennet is being closed in on by Anne Hathaway, which is odd because nothing of a whisper has associated her with the film. I mean if theres no rumors (and usually theres enough) to suggest this, then either they have some very accurate sources or they have some bad info! Either way I think that both McAvoy and Hathaway would do a suitable job as headliners, and would do the book justice it so deserves.

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Outragous Fortune Star Robyn Malcolm Receives Abuse In NZ Cafe’ Over Union Woes

You know things are bad when stars start getting abuse from over-the-top technical workers, and it’s NZ’s own Robyn Malcolm who recieves the blunt end of the stick this time — after fares that the Hobbit films will be leaving the New Zealand shores.

Malcom had to be escorted by police from a local inner-city restaurant in Wellington last-night, after several technical workers and protestors greated the Outrageous Fortune actress with abusive behaviors and threats.

Things became heated when Malcolm, after dinning with CTU (Council of Trade Union) boss Helen Kelly, was noticed and approached by a couple of technical workers outside of– who where obviously affected in some shape or form by the Union boy-cott. She was meet with abuse and threats by a group of people gathered outside the restaurant.

She had been picked on because of her affiliation and support of the NZ Actors’ Equity and CTU, and supports of the new union conditions that where supposed to be laid out and hopefully agreed upon at a meeting that was planned for tonight.

The meeting that was to be held in Auckland later tonight, was further put on hold because of the latest incident that occurred last-night. Meaning that not only will the meeting be delayed further but it will also be stunting the already at-a-snails-pace production of the two LOTR prequels.

Apparently the workers where worried about losing The Hobbit film to an overseas location — but hey nothing to get violent over. I mean I don’t want the films to be shipped of somewhere else either because frankly, New Zealand is Middle Earth.

Fans and folk would agree, seeing anything Hobbit related filmed anywhere but here would just be devastating and damaging to our already at stake film industry. When will be see and end to The Hobbit‘s Union woes?

The Scream 4 Teaser Trailer Is Here As As Promised….And In Glorious HD!

As they promised, The Weinstein Company has gone and put up the full teaser (in glorious HD) for Wes Craven‘s upcoming fourth Scream movie, and now that I’ve seen it in HD…theres no going back! It’s masterful, it plays on the fact that throughout the last three films, the murderers have been playing by a set of imaginary rules by which each and every Horror film plays by — and now its bringing it all tumbling down!
The teaser, which first appeared online straight after the Scream Awards where held on Monday night (US) — and although we could only just make it out, it was still pretty damn awesome! Thank you to Yahoo! Movies for the video, and thank you for holding out so long for an official release — as this is post no 4 on the exact same teaser, so Im singing a sweet sigh of relief! So without further ado, Scream 4……! Enjoy

We Will Be Getting A Resident Evil 5! Which Will See Director Paul W.S. Anderson Take On Fan Input! Promises Resident Evil Star Milla Jovovich

Have you ever watched a movie and thought, ‘i could’ve come up with that’? I know I have, and its not as if there isn’t enough concepts out there — because quite frankly theres enough original material out on the net to cook up a silver-screen storm.
 But theres just no interest from writers and directors, which is a shame because judging by some previous work such as the mighty Bay himself — he could have used it (re: Transformers 2)

But if your the faithful few who still cling on to hope and post your heart content of ideas for upcoming releases – and pray that the big men themselves read them and actually take it then I applaud you!

Because although it sounds like a fairy-tale, it seems that hearty fans of the zombie-crunching Resident Evil series may have there dreams come true as director Paul W.S. Anderson will be turning to the fans for writing for the next sequel, Resident Evil 5 (not to be confused with the game franchise).

While this is some big news in itself, I think to underline it — the news that a fifth film is already being geared up is relatively big. And who better to spill the beans than the zombie-slaying she-devil Alice herself.

In an interview with New York Magazine, franchise lead Milla Jovovich (who plays main protagonist Alice in the films) said that director Anderson – who also happens to be the stars spouse – will be turning to his fans through social media sites for sequel-material following the upcoming release of Resident Evil: Afterlife. “So we’re definitely going to make another one,” says Jovovich revealing, “We’ve been talking to a lot of fans on Twitter and stuff, so it’s probably going to be one of the first movies where we really talk to fans to see what they want, and what characters they want to see. It’s going to be a more interactive process.”

Anderson as we know, is hugely passionate towards the RE series — both the films and games. A passion it seems he shares with his wife of one and a half years, and even though he hasn’t got the greatest track record I still think that what he’s done and doing for the series is monumental — but the last movie in the series nearly curbing my already slim faith in director W.S. Anderson.

But rest assured that Anderson, although not so great, has been working hard on re vamping the series so to speak with this new RE: Afterlife being the first in the series to reach number one in the US. And its certainly great to see the directors turing to the fans all of a sudden, because its the right thing to do when it comes to a such fan based franchise such as Resident Evil. Thats it from me and Resident Evil 5, stay tuned for more!

Source: Screen Rant, New Yorker: Vulture