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Paranormal Activity 3 Poster Revealed…Another PA…Oh Joy, And I Only Just Recovered From The Last One!

It seems that the formidable Paranormal Activity franchise is making isn’t going away anytime soon (sigh), and it looks like to our misfortune that a third (and lets hope final) Paranormal is on the way — and here to reinforce that fact is the first teaser poster for the film! A few months back (i.e last year) we passed on the news that Paramount, the company behind the last two films, would be releasing another film in the franchise.

Lucky for us there hasn’t been any mention of 3D…yet, but its most likely the third film will not be in 3D — which will break the recent trend of 3D sequelizations. Seeing as Paramount likes to impose reasonably low budgets on the Paranormal films, a 3D conversion seems unlikely — and to be honest a 3D sequel probably wouldn’t cater for the shaky camera effect in this case.

According to sources PA3 is due to hit cinemas in October (US), and sometime after for other countries. So check out the teaser poster below, and as always enjoy!

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Trailer Trove: Kevin Smith’s Red State Trailer Is Here, And Preaching The Word Of Insanity

Although the last statement of the teaser is that it will be released in March, which I somehow doubt. As Red State, a independently-financed horror film by Kevin Smith, has found no distributor as of yet. Which is a bit odd, seeing as Smith is a genius and a Horror film from him will only reinforce my faith in him — if not blow my mind.

Distribution aside here we have the first teaser trailer for Smith’s, Red State, which follows a group of teenagers encounter extreme fundamentalism in Middle America. Which is a breathe of fresh air for Smith, as his main capacity for writing/making films has mainly been focused on comedies (the genius behind Clerks 1 and 2).

“The movie cost a hair under $4mil. The trailer cost a hair under 20mins of my time to edit”, jokes Smith on his Twitter account – on which he announced earlier this that he’ll “pick the Red State distributor right there — IN THE ROOM — auction style” when the movie screens out of competition at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

So as always Check out the trailer embedded below, and as always enjoy! Merry Christmas and a happy new year(:

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Trailer Trove: Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots Brought To Real Life! First Real Steel Tralier Hits Youtube!

The first trailer for the Hugh Jackman starring real life Rock ’em Sock ’em robots movie, Real Steel, has hit the net on Youtube! And it’s surprisingly awesome. It’s not at all what anyone expected, well at least for me — I didn’t really string it together but really its a futuristic Rocky type action-drama. But with robots beating the crap out of each other, minus Michael Bay! Pure awesomeness!

Helmed by Night At The Museum director Shawn Levy, Real Steel takes inspiration from the Richard Matheson short story “about a down-on-his-luck, slightly desperate journeyman who works in this robot boxing sport and who is desperately needing redemption and one last shot.” Which Levy promises will be “faithful to the [original Richard Matheson] story”, adding that it’s “more Rocky than Transformers”.

Check out the embedded trailer below, and as always enjoy! Cus I know I did!

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Trailer Trove: That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind! Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Teaser Online And With Neil Armstrong!? TF Gets Historical?

If your one of the people who doubts the Transformers franchise then this trailer is for you! The teaser for Michael Bay‘s third Transformers film, Dark Of The Moon, has hit the net in advance to its attachment to the latest Chronicles Of Narnia — and holy mutha is it awesome!

Viewable here at Apple, the teaser was supposed to hit theaters this weekend but was premiered online — which gives us our very first look into the hotly awaited TF film, that should be a major step up from its last crappy sequel.And It’s not just cus former Bay babe Megan Fox will be absent for the film!

The huge budgeted film has been hot at work filming for a 2011 release, mostly filming in Chicago and Washington D.C for the entirety of the year. Directed by trigger-happy Michael Bay, Transfomers: Dark Of The Moon looks like it will be centred more around outer-space this time round — with the teaser taking place mostly on the moon with the Apollo 11 mission crew members.

Starring Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro and Ramón Rodríguez who will all be reprising their roles for the script written by returning scribe and collaborator Ehren Kruger. The film will be set around the Apollo 11 missions to the moon, and the eventual discovery of the Transformers.
Set around the 50’s, the film is promising to make up for the last stale sequel and with the release of this infinitely awesome teaser all convincing us that Bay is looking for a touch down this time around! And mostly because its his last chance to get it right, as this film is set to be the last installment the franchise. So check out the vid below, and as always enjoy!

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Trailer Trove: Arthur Christmas Reveals A Very Close Encounters Styled UFO Sley, Giving A Sci-fi Edge To The Santa Mythos

It’s not christmas 2010 just yet, but despite the advent calendar being only 7 days in Sony Pictures felt the need to tease audiences with a vision of what to expect christmas next year — Arthur Christmas to be exact. Starting off with a very March Of The Penguins setting, the south pole we presume, Arthur Christmas is the son of jolly old Saint Nick i.e Santa Clause (played by Jim Broadbent). The teaser doesn’t really give off an idea a storyline.

Starting with a Morgan Freeman styled voice over, it goes on to reveal the overeager son of Santa, Arthur (voiced by James McAvoy) who is interrupted by a anxious elf who is quick to dent any existence of Santa or his workers. It then reveals some very Close Encounters styled slay, which looks pretty fantastic really — a fresh take on the Santa slay.

Arthur Christmas is brought to us by the company behind other such Animated works as Wallace And Gromit, the British Aardman Studios. Starring the voices of McAvoy, Bill Nighy, Hugh Laurie, and Jim Broadbent. Heading for a release next year in November, right before the silly season — so keep an eye out for pics, and as always enjoy the teaser below!

Trailer Trove: After Site Delays, The Green Lantern Trailer Is Here! And I’m Less Than Excited About It, CGI Gone Wrong…

Sorry for the delays, but for some reason the post I had posted a week ago on its release didn’t want to work — and that brings me to the very first Green Lantern, which you can view embedded below. Thanks to Entertainment Tonight we have the trailer to the DC comics Green Lantern trailer, which aired online a couple of weeks ago. Which was short, being 30 seconds long, caused a bit of worry in the comic-geek community as it featured Reynolds pulling a few one-liners…as the comic Hal Jordan/Green lantern was very straight faced indeed.

It wasn’t great, but just a couple days ahead Apple posted the first official HD trailer for the film here — which wasn’t much of an improvement. It was light on the jokes, appalling CGI for the suit and just over-all crap. That wasn’t the reaction from a few other well known sites but for me that was exactly how I felt about our first official look into the movie — it just lacks everything I expected from a high-rolling Hollywood superhero flick.

For those less familiar with The Green Lantern mythos, Hal Jordan played by Ryan Reynolds is a test pilot who is given a ring of extreme power which gives him powers beyond his imagination but also makes him a member of an intergalactic police force known as The Green Lanterns. Directed by Martin Campbell, cast includes Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong, and Peter Sarsgaard. Check out the trailer below, and tell me what you think — because you know how much I liked it. Enjoy!

Trailer Trove: Cowboy’s And Aliens Gets A Teaser Trailer! And Its Here To Stay! Yeeehhawww

A week of epic trailers being dropped, with yesterday’s release of The Green Lantern Teaser – which sucked by the way, WAY too much CG for my liking – and the recent release of director Jon Favreau‘s first non-Iron Man project in some time ‘Cowboys & Aliens‘.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, Cowboys & Aliens follows a mysterious stranger (played by resident Bond tough-guy Daniel Craig) who roles into town memoryless with a strange shackle on his wrist. When Aliens attack the town, it seems that the myseterious shackle is actaully the only weapon agianst the invading “Sky-demons”, while trying to defeat the attack he must get the rivaling towns-people to band together and fight the enemy.

C&W stars Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde — and If you’ve watched the trailer then you’ll know how awesome it is to see post-indy Harrison Ford back in the cowboy hat! I loved it, you will love it — check it out below! Or go over to Yahoo! Movies for a HD verison…