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Our Very First Official Look At Andrew Garfield In Full Spidey Kit!…A More Organic Look To Say The Least

While I’ve been away it seems theres been a major leap in superdude news – with the release of two major costumes in upcoming super-hero flicks – with this latest being the very first image of Andrew Garfield in costume as Spider-Man released by Sony! And it looks pretty damn awesome!

Below we have the pic of what our new friendly neighborhood Spider-man is going to look like in Marc Webb‘s still untitled reboot of the web-slinger franchise. Judging by the pic a mask is still probably in the design phase, but of what we can see we have our finest yet Spidey guise — as you can see, theres been a few major changes to the classic look we know and identify with.

This is not our first pic of Garfield however, as several set-photos of the actor have appeared online, but still this is the first glimpse of Garfield in costume. On the other hand we’ve seen plenty of co-star and Spidey love interest, Gwen Stacy, played by actress Emma Stone.

So it’s out with spandex tights? It seems that not only is the film getting a reboot, but so too is the costume — as the Tobey Maguire suit we grew to know so well has gone under a reboot of its own. One question that will have to answered later is why the hell does Pete Parker looks so bruised and battered?

But what is evident is that they’re going for a mare organic looking costume, with a few modifications; such as the logo and the material. And the major rejig of design pattern of the overall suit, which caters for the change in body type underneath it — a more lankier/linear Garfield over a shorter, stockier Toby Maguire.

So oviously theres been a bit more thought gone into this itteration of the iconic Spidey digs, and its shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with. Check out the awesome pick below, and let us know what you think! As always, enjoy!

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Karl Urban In Full Judge Dredd Kit, Our First..Not Entirely Official Look

It seems that the Karl Urban‘s incarnation of the classic comic anti-hero Judge Dredd is coming along nicely, with progress looking like its properly underway — as this post is to show off the first image of Kiwi actor Urban in full attire.

The main thing that has been on the most of fan-boys and general followers minds is will they build on the painfully terrible 1995 Sylvester Stallone Dredd — which Judging by this pic they have done just that. I mean just look, he has the mask on!! (Stallone’s Dredd liked to remove the helmet, which is one thing the fans didn’t like at all) As in the comic the character never removes his helmet, not even for a breather. I’m thinkg that at some point they will want us to get a glimpse off Urban’s face, but lets hope not too much.

The pic came from this Twitter account, which in turn leaked it online through the site, meaning that whoever the account belongs to they must have a official connection to the prodiction on some level — ‘cus this doesn’t look like your average set-pic…Thats it from me, I hoped you enjoyed the pic — I know I did. Lets just hope copyright doesn’t become and issue..

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NOT THE CAMARO!?! A Second Accident On Set For Filming Of Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.

Well everyone knows how Michael Bay earned the nick-name Bayhem, and in his latest escipade — re: Transformers 3, mayhem has been a plenty. As I posted last month a extra on the chicago set of the third Transformers installment almost lost her life when a tow cable snapped and recoiled through her windscreen and lashed her head — suffering a major headwound.

Now it seems a second disaster has hit filming of Bay’s third Transformers, and no I’m not referring to the recent title change. We all know that Michael Bay likes to indulge in some epic car carnage, re: the awesome Bad Boys 2 highway chase — boat and all. But while filming yesterday Bay got one crash that he didn’t plan for.

A seemingly unaware Police SUV speed through filming yesterday, in the Washington D.C. area and collided with a stunt driver in the middle of a scene — the car, which was a Chevy Camara suffered severe frontal damage after failing to break in time. The SUV was apparently answer an emergency call but knew nothing of the filming going on in the streets, before the Chevy Camaro collided into its side –it miraculously got away with a few scratches. Sadly Bumble Bee didn’t, as we can see below in the pics and following vid.

Luckily the stunt driver was unharmed as the car was crunched from the front back, the police officer was taken to hospital but bore no serious injuries — and was released later on with no harm. If you can remember awhile back, extra Gabriela Cedillo was taken to hospital for serious injuries to the head, so in comparisson its nothing to fuss over — just a bit of car on car action. Nothing Bay can’t afford! What I want to know is whether Bay will include it in the script? Cus that cars seriously messed up.

And the video….

Set Watch: First Proper Mission Impossible 4 Set Pics Sees Ethan Hunt Playing Russian Dictator

Its been almost four years since the last, no so great Mission: Impossible III and Its been a it of a breeze when it comes to production — compared to a large majority of upcoming films which are facing some hardships. Filming for the fourth installment of the popular M:I franchise has officially kicked off, and to celebrate we have the some set pics to share with you.

The pics show star Tom Cruise in uniform, roaming around set, obviously for a scene involving resident spy Ethan Hunt disguising himself as a russian soldier or something of that effect. As well as some snaps of director Brad Bird on set of filming in in the Czech republic. The cast and crew arrived last week in Prague to commence filming, and while a few snaps were taken nothing like this has come up until now — its clear no time has been wasted to re-immerse Hunt into his spy antics.

Website Accidental Sexiness has posted some pics to form a gallery on their site which can be viewed on the link. Not as exciting as you would expect from such a high octane-action thrill ride film series as M:I but be re-assuered that there will be plenty more over time.

Check the pics out below, otherwise thats it from Set Watch. Stay tuned for more M:I pics to come.

Conan Gets His Beer Face On, In The Latest Conan Set Pics

If you remember the last set pics from Marcus Nispel‘s film adaption of the popular Robert E. Howard character Conan The Barbarian, then you’ll know that these are a slight step up from a few sullen looks and some shifty looking fight scenes. Just a warning for those sensitive to nudity that the following contains pictures of boobs — to be blunt so please don’t complain that you haven’t been warned because frankly they’re just boobs. Don’t get to excited.

What I like about the look of the new film is that it seems like they’re willing to take the gloves off this time round and actually show off some of the more Cimmerian-Barbarian side off the Conan franchise, and stay closer to Howard’s original character which is gritty and rough — an element the previous films lacked. So expect blood, expect guts, and expect an untamed, unleashed and darker Conan than ever before!

Thanks to the guys (and gals) over at the Conan Movie Blog we have several set pics from the upcoming remake featuring Jason Moamoa as the iconic barbarian Conan, previoulsy portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in two previous films. The pics feature Moamoa’s Conan up to his barbarian ways sitting back in his tent drinking some good ole’ ale surrounded by politically some cave-men looking women — wearing…well not alot. enjoy! But thanks to CinemaBlend we have the toned down versions of the pics, with some handy censors to work-safe the post. But if you your that way inclined then head over to Conan Movie Blog for the barbaric versions — uncensored goodness. Enjoy!