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Our Very First Official Look At Andrew Garfield In Full Spidey Kit!…A More Organic Look To Say The Least

While I’ve been away it seems theres been a major leap in superdude news – with the release of two major costumes in upcoming super-hero flicks – with this latest being the very first image of Andrew Garfield in costume as Spider-Man released by Sony! And it looks pretty damn awesome!

Below we have the pic of what our new friendly neighborhood Spider-man is going to look like in Marc Webb‘s still untitled reboot of the web-slinger franchise. Judging by the pic a mask is still probably in the design phase, but of what we can see we have our finest yet Spidey guise — as you can see, theres been a few major changes to the classic look we know and identify with.

This is not our first pic of Garfield however, as several set-photos of the actor have appeared online, but still this is the first glimpse of Garfield in costume. On the other hand we’ve seen plenty of co-star and Spidey love interest, Gwen Stacy, played by actress Emma Stone.

So it’s out with spandex tights? It seems that not only is the film getting a reboot, but so too is the costume — as the Tobey Maguire suit we grew to know so well has gone under a reboot of its own. One question that will have to answered later is why the hell does Pete Parker looks so bruised and battered?

But what is evident is that they’re going for a mare organic looking costume, with a few modifications; such as the logo and the material. And the major rejig of design pattern of the overall suit, which caters for the change in body type underneath it — a more lankier/linear Garfield over a shorter, stockier Toby Maguire.

So oviously theres been a bit more thought gone into this itteration of the iconic Spidey digs, and its shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with. Check out the awesome pick below, and let us know what you think! As always, enjoy!

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Emma Stone Blondes it Up For Spiderman Reboot, First Look At A Blonde Stone!!

Since the reports and resulting confirmation that Zombieland actress Emma Stone would be playing the Pete Parker love-interest Gwen Stacy, in the 3D Spiderman reboot overseen by director Marc Webb — everyone has been dyeing to see how natural red-head actress Stone would fair with the golden locks.
Seeing as the character Gwen Stacey, who predominantly featured in the comics was a natural blonde. And now here we are. With our first look at Stone with the color change!

The Spiderman cast, had this week been doing some costume testing for the comic-book adaption and were snapped at the red carpet for Trevor Live at the Hollywood Palladium on Sunday — including Stone, who looked dashing in her new bob.

Thanks to the guys and gals over at Just Jared we have the pic to share with you!:

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Nolan’s Search For Superman Continues…Or Rather Starts!

To be quite honest this is going to be a testing few months/year for us bloggers/reporters, because we have the strenuous job of bringing you the millions of rumors and speculations that will surround the casting for Zack Snyders‘s Superman reboot this next year.

Judging buy the template (superhero flick) casting has a way of playing out on a lengthy scale, much like the search for the latest Spiderman/Peter Parker — which led to actor Andrew Garfield, after several hundred previous candidates. So saddle up!

This being the first post related to casting of any kind for Nolan’s Superman, its more of a notification rather than news but just a warning According to Deadline, producer Chris Nolan and director Snyder have started looking for the actor to headline the next Superman film — get ready.

This time around they will be looking for something a little different, thank god, with searches for an actor between the ages of 28-32 already going out. As well as that its the producers/directors express wishes to have a relatively unknown person this time to play the the last son of krypton — for which I applaud them. Because it seems the younger they get, the worse it gets — not that Brandon Routh had anything to do with how awful Returns was…*cough* *cough*. But hey, they seem to be learning off of it.

I’ve never been one for speculation, because frankly theres enough of it out there — but Deadline believes that some early candids are rookie stars Armie Hammer, and Tyler Winklevoss (both from The Social Network) who was speculated to play Batman in the now scrapped Justice League film. Obviously I have never heard of either of them, which may be a good sign. So thats it from me and the casting call, stay tuned for more updates and rumors from Superman: Man Of Steel!

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Twisted Pictures Moving On From Saw Franchise To A Much Meater Weapon Of Choice……The Chainsaw + Progress Is In Motion

Since the seventh and final Saw film in the franchise is nearly over and done with, Twisted Pictures, the company responsible for producing all seven torture-porn films may have a much meatier weapon in mind this time round…the Chainsaw — and judging by the company’s track-record its not for gardening.

Awhile back (unnoticed by me) Twisted Pictures picked up the rights to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise after they were dropped by equally as acclaimed horror company Platinum Dunes, so this will be the second reboot since the original series — after PD’s 2003 remake and its prequel in 2006, both of which I own and adore.

Now that Twisted’s resident psycho Jigsaw is all but dead and gone they can now start work on bringing back the shock-horror of the original survival horror in Leatherface 3D!

Produced by Marc Burg the script is being penned by experienced Horror inkers Debra Sullivan and Adam Marcusas we speak, with the final touches being added meaning that (hopefully) we will be looking at a filming date some time soon.

The scoop is that the film will be a direct sequel to the first film directed by Tobe Hooper way-back in ’74, picking up straight after the events of the first film (completely ignoring the lore of the Platinum Dunes’ Chainsaw Massacres and apparently the sequels). Picking up from where we left him, an angry and if not dis-heartened Leatherface dancing round in sorrow having just let his morning snack/new attire get away — and most-likly taking the long walk of shame home. The movie will then jump to modern times.

So technically its a reboot as it will be starting off a hopefully more successful franchise than the last.

The news itself comes from Bloody Disgusting, with the exclusive of a cult styled story-line — which doesn’t stray to far from pack like the similarly styled Halloween franchises later sequels. BD says that they picked up on a whispering of a plot based on a cult — so whatever it is I’m sue its going to be awesome because taking a classic like TCM and building on the shock-horror is a tremendous and pressure filled job — as Michael Bay and the Dunes boys found out. It ain’t easy staying true to fans and getting a shed load of money at the same time.

I just hope that they can improve on what Bay and his company did for the franchise because frankly I’m not seeing anything more you could do with the franchise that hasn’t already been done. But hey, I look forward to Twisted’s contribution to the franchise. So that’s it from me and TCM, stay tuned for more!

Preacher Comic Adaption Getting The Aronofsky Treatment

Fresh from rumors of being a possible choice of director for the Christopher Nolan‘s Man Of Steel reboot, director Darren Aronofsky, it seems is gunning for another comic-book adaption.

The much loved (and hated, in some religious groups) Preacher comic-book series, run by Vertigo a.k.a the R rated sector of DC comics, follows Jesse Custer a down-and-out preacher from a small Texas who was accidentally possessed by the supernatural creature named Genesis (the spawn of a demon and a angel) in an incident which killed his entire congregation and flattened his church.

Leaving him with powers that rival God’s (hence the religious scrutiny), Custer travels across the United State from his home town to literally find God, who abandoned Heaven the moment Genesis was born. Followed by his former ex-girlfriend and a Irish Vampire, the group seek out God and go up against the world’s most fearsome evils — that even include Custer’s own red-neck family.

So you can see the attraction to such a project, it’s exactly right for a big screen adaption. And that’s why it’s been hotly sought after for a silver-screen debut, several failed attempts showing that its not only a fan favorite but a potential winner with audiences world wide.

Truthfully I haven’t read any of the comics myself, only really learning of it’s existence yesterday I can already see myself lining up for this bad boy, its the comic-book shop for me — I love it, almost Hellboy-ish in concept it’s sure to be a keen attribute to the many hundreds of comic book adaptions already been pumped out eagerly these days.

As they do, it came from an anonymous source over at Newsarama that dropped the  that Aronofsky is being “targeted to direct Columbia Pictures’ big screen production of Preacher”. Back in 2008 when it was all a go for a Preacher adaption Sam Mendes was originally attached with a script from John August to adapt — before he had been swept into the newest James Bond, which now co-insides with other MGM future projects….sitting in the bog of uncertainty.

But an interview with producer Neal Moritz earlier this year ruled out the already in tatters Mendes as director, saying in April of this year to Collider that Mendes would no longer be directing Preacher as he had left the project to do the new James Bond film. He also claimed that there is “another director that we’re talking to right now” so obviously hot off his indie ballet flick Black Swam, he’s looking to get some acclaim in his next big effort — which now looks to be Preacher. Or is it?

As well as this latest news, director Aronofsky last time I heard was still keen for a sequel to the shitty X-Men spin-off prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine to which he directed. Though not confirming rumors, Aronofsky made it open that he was interested in the project and even met with Fox co-chair Tom Rothman. So aside from Preacher, he is not only in the running for Superman but also gunning for Wolverine 2. This directors got some heat, you better be ready for what ever’s next. Either way I would prefer Preacher or Superman, but hey who knows?

Rumors Say That Christopher Nolan Is In Search Of Superman Director Short-list: UPDATE – Directors Respond To Rumors

Apparently yesterday rumors broke out that Inception and upcoming Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan is officially searching for a director for his proposed man of steel reboot — and that he already made a short-list for the directorial role. I of course was on two separate flights all up 16 hour trip from little ol’ NZ to Phuket Thailand so was completely unaware.

The story that broke was that Nolan had officially began searching for a potential list of directors to handle the huge project of not only bringing the last son of Krypton to the big screen but also successfully rebooting the film franchise — to a point that beats the last failed attempt, RE: Superman Returns. And according to rumors/sources (same thing) Nolan has a list of 5 directors, among them Tony Scott, Matt Reeves, Zack Snyder, Duncan Jones and Jonathan Liebesman as the top candid directors for the job. 
Personally looking at most of the above, talent wise I think they have it but as for know how – sorry guys no one can surpass the man who not only destroyed (in a good way, trust me) its previous franchise’s but also created some of the greatest super-hero oriented films ever. As for the master of superhero epics, Nolan seems to come to mind. Nolan just gets it, he brought a huge mix of comics and media to the table and just made it happen. He has been described as the Alfred Hitchcock of Superhero cinema, as well as Godfather of modern super cinema. On that I would have to agree.
First you have to look at the large amount of fans associated with the franchise, and not only do right by them and its source material but making it general viewer friendly also. It’s no small task. Nolan gets it, but he seems content on standing back to let someone else take the fall so to speak.
The only two decent directors of the group are of course directors Zac Snyder and Duncan Jones. Both infinitely capable from what little we’ve seen so far. Snyder doesn’t really need to much explanation because he just nails it for me, look at his last few films and the next few upcoming and you’ll see he’s just spaz-tastic at everything he does. But my worry is would Superman be right for him? As for Jones, I haven’t seen anything of his other than British sci-fi thriller Moon, presuming he hasn’t done more than just that I would say his first effort was bloody brilliant — clever, funny, thrilling it just worked. Both I think would be good in any sort of situation, but nothing can stop me from saying Nolan is the right man to do it. 
But aside from my worries, I think its a good enough lot…..I haven’t really seen enough work from the latter of them to base my opinion on so don’t worry if the whole last two paragraph seems a bit full on because it is. It’s been long buzzed about who would be directing the damn thing, as well as become Nolan’s fan-boy protege. The names have been few and far between, so to have a list of 5 up-and-coming is relieving to say the least. So either way we know Nolan is working on one super-sequel, be it Batman 3 or Superman
Not so long before I was about to post the above I skimmed a follow up post from Cinema Blend, showing some response from the 5 directors on the Nolan Superman list (almost like the famous Tarantino hit-list in Kill Bill) including Zac Snyder, Duncan Jones and Tony Scott. Only three of the five have given responses, the two that haven’t are Tony Scott and Jonathan Liebesman. First up on the list is Matt Reeves, who was quoted by JobBlo saying “I was surprised. I really have no idea if any of that is true. It’s certainly an amazing project, but I would be surprised…” at the opening of his new film, Let Me In, featuring at the Fantastic Fest in Austin where the film is showing. So clearly he had no idea of his inclusion which is the exact opposite of fellow list maker Duncan Jones.
Coming caught wind of a comment on Jones’ Twitter page which stated he had a fair idea of his name on up-and-comers list, saying “I was surprised. I really have no idea if any of that is true. It’s certainly an amazing project, but I would be surprised…” Meaning he had some inside knowledge — did Nolan inform him, most likely not. But it does run consistently with Zack Snyder‘s account.
Snyder mentioned in an interview with Latino Review that he had indeed been approached and turned the  project down — so this either means Reeves is lying in saying he had no idea or they two are lying also. So this leaves Snyder out of the equation, with only four directors list on the supposed imaginary list. The other two have made no comments, and are currently occupied on other films so don’t expect them to be on. So that leaves Ducan Jones and Matt Reeves, it doesn’t leave to much options but then again as Nolan goes he will have the one in mind for the job. So finally that’s it from and Superman, stay tuned for more from this — now I’m off to the pool, wait, its pissing down. Fantastic.

The Godzilla Reboot Is Actually Happening Says Legendary And Will Feature Some New Beasties For Godzilla To Battle

Are you a fan of Godzilla? If so then your one tough group of individuals because over the years the seemingly awesome franchise has suffered a few blows — with several failed attempts at making a decent film and a couple of crappy video games ensuring the image of that city eating beastie is forever cast in grey scale. Because in my books the only half decent film to feature the whale like monster was the Ishirô Honda original, Godzilla, in 1954. Simply because it has aged well compared to a few other less worthy monster romp films.

With 28 films under its belt, you would think the franchise had had enough…but sadly no — it was rumors last year that started saying Legendary Pictures were looking into rebooting the films. And sure enough last March it was confirmed by the studio, which was followed by the release of concept art fourth months later back in July — which can be seen on the right. So clearly things aren’t on the roll, at least not yet. Development has begun, but at a very slight pace so this could mean any number of things, including that the film is picking up or that its nearing development hell — so it could be a while at this rate.

At the risk of saying that I doubt this will get ever made, I do however have a video which was thankfully uploaded by Youtube user Zennie 62 from Bleeding Cool of an interview with producer Brian Rodgers at this weeks 3D summit. Who dropped some interesting details about his plans for the film, which include a 2012 release date as well as plans for 3D IMAX foundations in place. Their film will be a complete reboot, which will take from the original and build on some new ides — which includes the use of a new monster to battle against. Which will see Mr Godzilla in full fledged CG in a Live-Action world, set in modern day. So as far as the details go, they’re scarce but from the sounds of it they know what they want out of a reboot of the original character — minus all the elements that make 27 out of the 28 films he’s featured in so crappy.

check out the embedded video below to see the recorded interview, and as always enjoy!