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I Love It When A Post Comes Together! Mr. Bruce’s Top 10 Most Memorable Quotes Of 2010

Well it seemed almost unfair to miss out on a years full of amazing one liners and quips — so I thought I only fair to make a list of the Top 10 Quotes Of 2010. If your social life revolves around quoting movie dialogue to your friends around the clock — lats how it goes, in my circle there is a million and one situations where we’ve wanted to say something but instead yarned endlessly on the dialogue from our favorite films. Thankfully, 2010 was no exception and I think those few films deserve some recognition.

You’ll notice that the list is dominated mostly by Scott Pilgrim vs. The World quotes — because frankly every line in that film is pure gold. Don’t hate me for it, but really it’s either that or campy Clash quotes. So enjoy my list of Scott Pilgrim quotes plus one or two other one-liners!

in no particular order
  • “Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.” – Cobb, Inception
  •  ” I know we’re all afraid. But my father told me: someday, someone was gonna have take a stand. Someday, someone was gonna have to say enough! This could be that day. Trust your senses. And don’t look this bitch in the eye.” Perseus, Clash of The Titans
  • ” We are Sex Bob-Omb and we are here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff. ” – Scott Pilgrim, SPvTW
  • “If I peed my pants would you pretend that I just got wet from the rain? ” – Scott Pilgrim, SPvTW
  • “Look, I didn’t write the gay handbook. If you got a problem with it, take it up with Liberace’s ghost. ” – Wallace Wells, SPvTW

Could A Jumper Sequel Be In The Cards? Certainly Not…I Hope

The first film wasn’t all too good, and to be honest a sequel at the moment wouldn’t be the greatest idea – but it seems someone somewhere is keeping a cool eye out for potential storylines for a sequel to the 2008 sci-fi failure Jumper directed by Doug Liman. An MTV interview with Hayden Christensen seems to suggests, that in fact a sequel could be in the cards.

Saying “We’re talking about it right now actually,” he said. Where could the story go? “Hopefully somewhere a little darker. I think there’s a lot you can do with it. It was sort of set up in a way it’s gonna be mother hunting son and possibly even maybe sister hunting brother. We’re talking about it, trying to figure it out.”

So at least someone’s keen, I know at the present time in the film industry a film like this wouldn’t be the safest bet – but then again you never know. But what’s clear is that they have at least some idea where they want to go for a sequel, cus I would have no clue. But that’s just me; some seem to suggest that there could be a time-travel aspect of the characters teleportation powers – so not all is bad! So stay tuned for more info as it comes in!

The Joker Will Not Be In Batman 3 , Says Director Christopher Nolan

Ever since the death of actor Heath Ledger, the actor who played the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight, everyone has been reluctant to speak on the subject of the role including Nolan. It was clear that he intended the Joker to play a part in a third Batman, as the Joker was left dangling from a building at the end of Dark Knight – very much alive. And now the question on everyones mind is – will he fill the role? While in a interview with Empire Magazine Nolan was question on the subject of the matter, will he re-cast the role of the Joker for an appearance in Batman 3, to which Nolan answered:

“No”, he says unwilling to elaborate, understandably, he says “I just don’t feel comfortable talking about it.”

Which should give us a little closure to who will be in a third Batman, rumors that the Riddler and Cat-woman will make an appearance have spread online. But for now Nolan remains tight-lipped as ever on the subject of Batman 3, as he hasn’t even confirmed he will be directing. It’s nice to know the Joker will be left with Ledger.