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Paranormal Activity 3 Poster Revealed…Another PA…Oh Joy, And I Only Just Recovered From The Last One!

It seems that the formidable Paranormal Activity franchise is making isn’t going away anytime soon (sigh), and it looks like to our misfortune that a third (and lets hope final) Paranormal is on the way — and here to reinforce that fact is the first teaser poster for the film! A few months back (i.e last year) we passed on the news that Paramount, the company behind the last two films, would be releasing another film in the franchise.

Lucky for us there hasn’t been any mention of 3D…yet, but its most likely the third film will not be in 3D — which will break the recent trend of 3D sequelizations. Seeing as Paramount likes to impose reasonably low budgets on the Paranormal films, a 3D conversion seems unlikely — and to be honest a 3D sequel probably wouldn’t cater for the shaky camera effect in this case.

According to sources PA3 is due to hit cinemas in October (US), and sometime after for other countries. So check out the teaser poster below, and as always enjoy!

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David Fincher Scopes His Next Project After Dragon Tattoo, Which Is 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 3D! The Next Casualty In The 3D Crossfire?

According to Collider, hot of his tail Social Network director David Fincher will be taking on a larger than life project, bringing Captain Nemo and The Nautilus to the big screen and in 3D! Firstly I wasn’t even aware of a 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea remake (remake, rei-magening – who can keep track when a film has more than 10 adaptions), secondly I think 3D was the right choice — it almost seems irrational to think otherwise. 20,000 Leagues IS a 3D movie full stop.

The only thing I worry about is will 20,000 Leagues get caught in the 3D crossfires? Who knows, but I’ll you who does — Fincher, and It’s clear he’s chosen his side. “I think it’s cool…when it’s done right,” said Fincher to Collider. He adds when asked about whether it would be his next project after Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, that “I think that there’s a lot of movies that could be my next film.”
So clearly Fincher has a lot on his pallet, and 20,000 Leagues is quite possibly on a long list of films for the hot-shot director. As Fincher has the two sequels to Dragon Tattoo (which are yet to be written) to cater for, based upon the first’s success. Plus Projects like Rendezvous with Rama, The Killer, Heavy Metal, and The Reincarnation of Peter Proud meaning 20,000 Leagues maybe a long way of!
But back onto the subject of 3D some see the technology as a story telling vessel, adding to the feel and scope of their films. Where as the anti demographic put forward digital 3D as a gimmick, cheap, a fad and a general distraction — and in some occasions I would have to agree. But on the other hand I would say It’s an awesome experience….fiddly and temperamental maybe! but a hell of a way to watch movies.

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Hologram Coming To The Big Screen, Apple Has Patented 3D-less 3D. Development Under Way!!

42 years ago Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey painted a picture of how the future would occur, and 9 years ahead of what the film portrayed as the pinnacle of technological discovery are we starting to perfect the art of 3D technology — and Apple’s Steve Job’s is looking into developing the idea further, with the goal of 3D without 3D glasses….. yes were referring to holograms!

Unfortunately for all the Star Wars Über fans out there Lightsabers and laser-guns are a little while off, but according to The Telegraph you can look forward to the development of holographic TV, cinema, and computer screen technology sometime in the near future! And yes there were some half-assed prototypes produced a couple years back, but to tell you the truth it’s It’s just not the same thing.

The company behind the Ipod and Iphone, and it’s latest touch-screen marvel the Ipad – Apple – have recently acquired a patent for 3D screens that don’t require the conventional glasses and even 3D projections a.k.a holographic imagery. The idea itself has been around for zonks, and basically how it works is you go to Wikipedia here and search it up — ‘cus If you don’t understand something you shouldn’t try to explain it!

Kidding! Basically, how I understand it works is tiny lasers on a special screen project light to your left and right eyes — giving the illusion to your brain of it being right in front of you. Also in development in conjunction with the screen is a tech to track your position to give the best possible image from all angles — sounds all very big Brother-ish don’t ya think? Don’t expect it straight away, but all I know is that its in development and more news should pop-up sooner or later. So stay tuned for more from Apple and our propulsion into the future, live long and prosper!

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A 3D Flubber!? A Longly Dreaded Sequel To The Robin Williams Comedy Stinker…Oh Joy

Frankly it’s a wonder that we’ve lasted so long without a sequel to the dreadful 90’s Robin Williams comedy Flubber all these years. It’s not as if anyone didn’t expect it either, knowing Disney’s view on sequels its almost a surprise! But perhaps they were holding out for something, and according to reports that something was digital 3D, and so comes Flubber 3D.

According to What’s Playing we may have to sit through another painstakingly boring 90 minutes of crappy slap-stick humor, as Disney are apparently already making plans for a Flubber 3D. The story reveals that the studio have been aiming to a sequel for years and are heavily looking into getting Robin Williams to reprise his role as Professor Philip Brainard — heres hoping he doesn’t take it! But judging by the report, Disney isn’t interested in doing it without Williams.

To be honest I would imagen that Williams would want to take the role, as his last project was just as worthless (I mean Old Dogs isn’t my idea of good entertainment). But for his already sinking reputation sake I hope that bigger and better roles lay ahead for him, because with or without him Flubber 3D will be a stinker… I mean come on!!

It’s capital audience have probably forgotten the trauma of seeing the 1997 film! And anyway they’re probably to old and to busy stuffing themselves with twinkling vampires and exploding robots to notice for god-sakes!! Like it or not Flubber 3D is happening, unless by some divine miracle Williams manages to decline…

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Jigsaw’s Dead, Now Another Title Can Make A Bid For Top Horror Release Next Year – Thats Right, Paranormal Activity 3! Now With A Release Date!!

Since one of the biggest sub-genre pretty much wrapped it self up this year, refearing to ofcourse the Saw franchise, room has been left for another more mentally demanding horror franchise to make a bid for the top spot and it ain’t Twilight: Breaking Dawn….

I’ll give you a clue, it shocked audiences over the ages of 13 and upwards last year and just recently brought out an terrifingly brilliant sequel worldwide just two months ago, and will be following the tradition of any marjoinally successfull horror franchise would do and come out with another sequel. Yeah thats right, get ready for Paranormal Activity 3!

The second fake found-footage film in the already-shaping up nicely franchise opened against Saw 3D this Halloween and despite that did surprisingly well, not that a sequel was ever in doubt. Now Dread Central confirms that PA3 is in fact in the works and that a release has been set for October 21st of next year, right before halloween time! So for fans and horror-fanatics alike, get ready ‘cus no-longer will Saw have its hold on audiences — surrender to the new super power, Paranormal power.

So not only will they be taking over the Saw franchise entirely but it will also be filling the release slot! And judging by the amount of horror fan-boys out there I don’t think they will tell the difference! So thats it from me and PA3, stay tuned for more info as it comes!

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Twisted Pictures Moving On From Saw Franchise To A Much Meater Weapon Of Choice……The Chainsaw + Progress Is In Motion

Since the seventh and final Saw film in the franchise is nearly over and done with, Twisted Pictures, the company responsible for producing all seven torture-porn films may have a much meatier weapon in mind this time round…the Chainsaw — and judging by the company’s track-record its not for gardening.

Awhile back (unnoticed by me) Twisted Pictures picked up the rights to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise after they were dropped by equally as acclaimed horror company Platinum Dunes, so this will be the second reboot since the original series — after PD’s 2003 remake and its prequel in 2006, both of which I own and adore.

Now that Twisted’s resident psycho Jigsaw is all but dead and gone they can now start work on bringing back the shock-horror of the original survival horror in Leatherface 3D!

Produced by Marc Burg the script is being penned by experienced Horror inkers Debra Sullivan and Adam Marcusas we speak, with the final touches being added meaning that (hopefully) we will be looking at a filming date some time soon.

The scoop is that the film will be a direct sequel to the first film directed by Tobe Hooper way-back in ’74, picking up straight after the events of the first film (completely ignoring the lore of the Platinum Dunes’ Chainsaw Massacres and apparently the sequels). Picking up from where we left him, an angry and if not dis-heartened Leatherface dancing round in sorrow having just let his morning snack/new attire get away — and most-likly taking the long walk of shame home. The movie will then jump to modern times.

So technically its a reboot as it will be starting off a hopefully more successful franchise than the last.

The news itself comes from Bloody Disgusting, with the exclusive of a cult styled story-line — which doesn’t stray to far from pack like the similarly styled Halloween franchises later sequels. BD says that they picked up on a whispering of a plot based on a cult — so whatever it is I’m sue its going to be awesome because taking a classic like TCM and building on the shock-horror is a tremendous and pressure filled job — as Michael Bay and the Dunes boys found out. It ain’t easy staying true to fans and getting a shed load of money at the same time.

I just hope that they can improve on what Bay and his company did for the franchise because frankly I’m not seeing anything more you could do with the franchise that hasn’t already been done. But hey, I look forward to Twisted’s contribution to the franchise. So that’s it from me and TCM, stay tuned for more!

Demensions Gearing Up Their Pirahna 3D Sequel

Its clear that Dimensions means business when it comes to punching out a follow up to their surprise hit, and the studio are apprently moving very quickly to get the sequel to Pirahna 3D into theatres some time next year — says Deadline.
What I liked about the 3D converted horror, about what happens when you take a party full of bear chested teens and a score of prehistoric man-eating fish, was that It didn’t try to hard tobe something its not — which is a serious faced horror flick. Which is far from what it went for.
We know so far that for the sequel, now titled ‘Pirahna 3 DD‘, is being typed up by Saw 3D scribes Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, while John Gulager has taken the directors chair this time round. The word on rumors says that film will be set in Thailand, somewhere wet I suppose.