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Zack Snyder Delivers Another Stunning Sucker Punch Poster, You Will Be Unprepared Alright!

Well it seems director Zack Snyder is coming through with continuing to deliver stunning posters/pics for his forthcoming film, Sucker Punch. With the release of another gut-busting promotional poster, you would think that Snyder has everything to gain! Already summing up to be a fantastic film – as this is my most anticipated film of this year – Punch looks to deliver a whole lot more than its title suggests.

This poster only reminds us that in March, dropping into theaters is the ride of your life! Dragons, samurai, guns, gals, robots, swords, planes and of course Nazi’s is only a short list of the things being thrown at us in high-flying 2-D! Sucker Punch is the movie I’m most looking forward to this year, and for a good reason!

Check out the poster below, and as always enjoy!

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Sucker Punch Images Escaped From A Mental Institution, And Found Their Way Online

Not a lot has been seen of Zack Snyder‘s visual tour-de force that has been teased and built up through some very vague trailers and pics previously released, which is starting to play with your mind no doubt — maybe were the ones that should be in the looney bin! Well have no fair, as we have heres our latest quick fix of ass-kicking super-babes from Movie Webs feature the lovely ladies of Snyder’s Sucker Punch.

What I love about Snyder is that he’s a director that has no definitive style (apart from slomo action) yet his works stand out as very visually pleasing and the esthetic is more than pleasing. He stands out as one of my favorite directors (among the names of Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan etc.) because of his visual style and amazing ability to tell a clear story amongst all the mayhem of flying ninja’s, gun shots, sword fights and toga wearing badasses slaying like legends.

The man just knows how to handle a screen, and these images don’t surprise me at all — they’re only a small taste of what’s to come and yet Im even more excited by them. Thanks to Movie Webs we have several images below for you to check out.

And for those a little less savvy with the story line Punch is a original story from director Snyder, about a young girl who is institutionalized by her wicked stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the facility. And basically thats all we know as far, except from what the trailers have told us to expect — warping battles with robot samurai’s, dragons, Nazi’s, Airplane battles and of course girls kicking-ass in sexy outfits…what more do you need??

So check out the picks below, and enjoy!

Zac Snyder Picked As Superman Director!!! Warner Bros. Chose Watchmen Director Snyder To Helm Their Man Of Steel Project!

I don’t know what it is, maybe I’ve been away to long but I’m starting to realise that I am WAY behind in the news this week and the last — so please forgive me, it costs 5 NZ dollars for 20 mins on a shanty town computer so don’t say I’m not commited! But it seems that Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. have their definative directror for his Superman project in Sucker Punch director Zac Snyder!! In a short report Deadline annouces that 300 director, Synder, has been chosen by Warner Bros. to helm their untitled caped crusader flick.

Synder, who is know for his unique filming style has done titles such as 300, Watchmen, Legend Of The Guardians (which is currently in cinemas) is also currently working on Sucker Punch
A young girl is institutionalized by her wicked stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the facility. And now Snyder will work on the Superman flick for a slated 2011 release (according to Imdb).

Synder’s name was amongst a list of potential directors drafted by fellow director Christopher Nolan, who has been and will be overseeing the project in its development. Nolan, as we know is the man that single handily reinvented fellow DC super-hero Batman successfully in two films, the last being big earner The Dark Knight. So we know that the film is in capable hands — and now with Synder added to the mix I’m sure we’ll be seeing some slow-mo goodness in no time!

Among other names such as Darren Aronofsky, Ben Affleck, Matt Reeves and Tony Scott — Snyder was the studios pick as well as Nolan’s — and judging by his obvious skill he is the right choice.

Working with David S. Goyer, Chris Nolan is looking to revive the Man Of Steel franchise in his first film appearance since 2006 in the Bryan Singer directed bomb, Superman Returns. Which looked to boost a franchise on its back but didn’t quite make it when It came to critics, or general film-goers. In the film, Brandon Routh played the Clark Kent/Superman duo and it seems unlikely that he will be asked to reprise his role for the upcoming film.

Scribe Goyer is working on the script, which is rumored to be reminiscent of the 1970’s Richard Donner’s Superman film. Last week Snyder tweeted on his page “I finally get to put my 32 cents in…”. Followed by a link to the following image:

So clearly hes just as excited as we are, I’m looking forward to some good results! So that’s it from me, stay tuned for more on Superman: Man Of Steel — and please forgive me on the late post, holidays are a killer you know ;D

Frank Miller’s 300 Prequel Xerxes Unvield, Will It Ever Reach The Silver Screen?

Here is a first look at the cover of Frank Miller‘s prequel to his comic 300, which has been scheduled for a silver screen adaption. Miller, who was the mastermind behind the comic that inspired the film 300 has been hard at work for almost three years now creating Xerxes (the graphic novel). Dark Horse Comics finally have given us a sneak peek into what Miller has been doing – in the form of a cover.

The title seems to suggest that the main story will revolve around the Persian ruler Xerxes, who also played the resident baddy in Zack Snyder‘s 300. While talking to the LA Times Miller explained Xerxes (graphic novel) as below:

The story will be the same heft as ‘300‘ but it cover a much, much greater span of time — it’s 10 years, not three days… This is a more complex story. The story is so much larger. The Spartans in ‘300‘ were being enclosed by the page as the world got smaller. This story has truly vast subjects. The Athenian naval fleet, for instance, is a massive artistic undertaking and it dwarfed by the Persian fleet, which is also shown in this story. The story has elements of espionage, too, and it’s a sweeping tale with gods and warriors.

Personally I think if you read what Miller has to say in a over all context what I think he meant to say Xerxes (film) will be completely different and over complicated. But thats just what I see, don’t quote me on this but I don’t expect Xerxes (film) is going to happen – and if so be any good.