Something Cool: Rorschach Mask – A How To. It Even Moves!?!? This Will Blow Your Mind

Now I’m a huge fan of the Watchmen comics, and the movie adaption was pretty damn awesome if you ask me. Zack Snyder literally blew my mind, he did what he did with Frank Miller’s 300 — he turned something already pretty bad-ass into a bad mutha-f*$%er. And if you payed close enough attention you will have written down another thing on your list of nerd-must-haves: Rorschach’s shifting mask.

Now you can cross that bad boy of your list next to Holograms, ‘cus some inspired little genius by the name of youtube user guinness0507, who happens to own a paint company called Paint With Pearl, figured out how to put together his own moving Rorschach mask! And viola, success! Check out the awesome vid below! It’s not quite as good as the CG mask used by Jackie Earl Haley but still its better than the lame painted on ones fanboys wear at halloween.

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