David Fincher Scopes His Next Project After Dragon Tattoo, Which Is 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 3D! The Next Casualty In The 3D Crossfire?

According to Collider, hot of his tail Social Network director David Fincher will be taking on a larger than life project, bringing Captain Nemo and The Nautilus to the big screen and in 3D! Firstly I wasn’t even aware of a 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea remake (remake, rei-magening – who can keep track when a film has more than 10 adaptions), secondly I think 3D was the right choice — it almost seems irrational to think otherwise. 20,000 Leagues IS a 3D movie full stop.

The only thing I worry about is will 20,000 Leagues get caught in the 3D crossfires? Who knows, but I’ll you who does — Fincher, and It’s clear he’s chosen his side. “I think it’s cool…when it’s done right,” said Fincher to Collider. He adds when asked about whether it would be his next project after Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, that “I think that there’s a lot of movies that could be my next film.”
So clearly Fincher has a lot on his pallet, and 20,000 Leagues is quite possibly on a long list of films for the hot-shot director. As Fincher has the two sequels to Dragon Tattoo (which are yet to be written) to cater for, based upon the first’s success. Plus Projects like Rendezvous with Rama, The Killer, Heavy Metal, and The Reincarnation of Peter Proud meaning 20,000 Leagues maybe a long way of!
But back onto the subject of 3D some see the technology as a story telling vessel, adding to the feel and scope of their films. Where as the anti demographic put forward digital 3D as a gimmick, cheap, a fad and a general distraction — and in some occasions I would have to agree. But on the other hand I would say It’s an awesome experience….fiddly and temperamental maybe! but a hell of a way to watch movies.

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