Hologram Coming To The Big Screen, Apple Has Patented 3D-less 3D. Development Under Way!!

42 years ago Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey painted a picture of how the future would occur, and 9 years ahead of what the film portrayed as the pinnacle of technological discovery are we starting to perfect the art of 3D technology — and Apple’s Steve Job’s is looking into developing the idea further, with the goal of 3D without 3D glasses….. yes were referring to holograms!

Unfortunately for all the Star Wars Über fans out there Lightsabers and laser-guns are a little while off, but according to The Telegraph you can look forward to the development of holographic TV, cinema, and computer screen technology sometime in the near future! And yes there were some half-assed prototypes produced a couple years back, but to tell you the truth it’s It’s just not the same thing.

The company behind the Ipod and Iphone, and it’s latest touch-screen marvel the Ipad – Apple – have recently acquired a patent for 3D screens that don’t require the conventional glasses and even 3D projections a.k.a holographic imagery. The idea itself has been around for zonks, and basically how it works is you go to Wikipedia here and search it up — ‘cus If you don’t understand something you shouldn’t try to explain it!

Kidding! Basically, how I understand it works is tiny lasers on a special screen project light to your left and right eyes — giving the illusion to your brain of it being right in front of you. Also in development in conjunction with the screen is a tech to track your position to give the best possible image from all angles — sounds all very big Brother-ish don’t ya think? Don’t expect it straight away, but all I know is that its in development and more news should pop-up sooner or later. So stay tuned for more from Apple and our propulsion into the future, live long and prosper!

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