‘Rango’ Featurette Gives Us A Chance To See Johnny Depp Being Silly, Anyhting New? Emotion Capture Brings Animation To A Whole New Level

It’s been a big year in terms of advances in film, with a almost revolutionary change in the way we go about things in animation going ahead — motion capture, the latest technology at front-runner Pixar‘s studios disposal. Now they’ve gone even further with the acting experience (cheesy I know) and thrashed out what actor Johnny Depp describes as “emotion capture” — sounds pretty flash right? Well it’s said to be the latest in the natural acting experience for audiences of animated films, and Pixar’s latest film, Rango, will be utilizing the style.

To put it into perspective Pixar have released this latest featurette on how the style works, basically it arcs between motion-capture and on-stage recordings to get a sense of realism — while working off of the actors natural movements for the CGI translation. The way it works is the cast acts out the scenarios that eventuate throughout the film, capturing the movements and some audio for realism.

Although this style is relatively new, a few other films in the past have worked in some way like this for animated features — including the 2010 release Fantastic Mr. Fox which used a watered down version of the style. So check out the video curtesy of Yahoo! Movies, which is a mix of the production style I just explained and some extra footage from Rango. And as always, enjoy!

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