Trailer Trove: Kevin Smith’s Red State Trailer Is Here, And Preaching The Word Of Insanity

Although the last statement of the teaser is that it will be released in March, which I somehow doubt. As Red State, a independently-financed horror film by Kevin Smith, has found no distributor as of yet. Which is a bit odd, seeing as Smith is a genius and a Horror film from him will only reinforce my faith in him — if not blow my mind.

Distribution aside here we have the first teaser trailer for Smith’s, Red State, which follows a group of teenagers encounter extreme fundamentalism in Middle America. Which is a breathe of fresh air for Smith, as his main capacity for writing/making films has mainly been focused on comedies (the genius behind Clerks 1 and 2).

“The movie cost a hair under $4mil. The trailer cost a hair under 20mins of my time to edit”, jokes Smith on his Twitter account – on which he announced earlier this that he’ll “pick the Red State distributor right there — IN THE ROOM — auction style” when the movie screens out of competition at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

So as always Check out the trailer embedded below, and as always enjoy! Merry Christmas and a happy new year(:

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