Is This Action Figure The New Megatron Design In Transformers: Dark Of The Moon?? I Think So…..

It’s always nifty having the large amount of action figures being pumped out by Hasbro – who happen to own the rights to the Transformer franchise – the way they do, because usually it’s a unreliable way of getting a early glimpse at the movie’s characters. Still it may not show much insight, as the toys never seem to be THAT accurate to the actual characters anyway — as most toys don’t.

But hey, Hasbro do a fair job if it. So catch a glimpse at the new design for Decepticon baddy Megatron in Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, out summer next year.

Below you can check out the pic’s received by JoBlo of the robot nasty in pre and post transformation — and also a set pic of what appeared to be an anonymous tanker spotted on various shooting sets. Which now appears to be Megatron himself, before the CGI obviously! 
We haven’t been provided with a look at the fairly ruffled up Megatron in the recent teaser trailer, but as the release in July 2011 gets nearer I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of him soon enough; check out the pics below from JoBlo.

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