SPOILERS: Exit Through The Gift Shop Has The Banksy Stamp Of Approval, The Man Behind The Camera Says It’s Legit

I of-course being a semi-enthusiast already knew of him, much before his questionable documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop‘s surprise succes at Sundance last year — and without that it seems without it, no one in mainstream america would have heard of him. The documentary about british street-artist Banksy, or rather reality junkie Thierry Guetta, who’s sole means of entertainment is to take a video-camera everywhere with him — which eventually leads him to a discovery that would spawn the ultimate goal.

To find Banksy and get him on Camera. Which is what he got, and much more! Now something like 3 months after it’s mainstream release, Exit Through The Gift Shop has been receiving ample amount of criticism from reviewers on it’s authenticity.

Which is just ridiculous, I mean what does it matter? I think were better off not knowing — which is what I would’ve prefer to have stayed with Joaquin Phoenix’s I’m Still Here (which turned out to be a fake). There is a very strong chance that the whole movie was a joke, a ruse set up by Guetta himself or Banksy for that matter. But it seems that Banksy himself (or so we think) is eager to back up the film on its legitimacy.

Apparently the site All These Wonderful Things some how managed to get alinement with the man himself via email, who is more than happy to vouch that the film is 100% legitimate. He also added that he was “shocked by the level of skepticism.”

Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind if people believe me or not, but the film’s power comes from the fact it’s all 100% true. This is from the frontline, this is watching an art form self-combust in front of you. Told by the people involved. In real time. This is a very real film about what it means to ‘keep it real’. 

Besides, if the movie was a carefully scripted prank you can be sure I would’ve given myself some better lines. I would’ve meticulously planned my spontaneous off-the-cuff remarks. I love that famous Jack Benny come-back to a heckler – “You wouldn’t say that if my writers were here.” But I’ve always wondered – did his writers tell him to say that?

But what I really enjoy is the non-believers of EXIT, I mean whether its a joke or not shouldn’t matter at all. It’s not a matter of factuality, it’s a matter of forming an opinion for yourself — but having Banksy come out and stand-behind this film is great. If you haven’t seen it yourself, then get yall ass over to a DVD store and buy it cus — it’s worth it!

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