What A Geek Wants: Daft Punk Deliver An Amazing Soundtrack To A Amazing Movie, Tron: Legacy Soundtrack Is A Must Buy!

After seeing the film last night, having the Daft Punk Tron:Legacy soundtrack on my christmas list jsut isn’t quite enough…so I whent the whole hog and flogged one of of amazon for $11.88 USD. What a deal!!

For the User in your family the ultimate gift for Techno heads or film buff in you family is only a few clicks (and a pay-pal confirmation) away! Containing 22 tracks from the original motion picture Tron: Legacy, only just hit theaters this week around the world.

The track listings are as follows:
Find it on Amazon here: Tron Legacy

1. Overture Listen
2. The Grid Listen
3. The Son of Flynn Listen
4. Recognizer Listen
5. Armory Listen
6. Arena Listen
7. Rinzler Listen
8. The Game Has Changed Listen
9. Outlands Listen
10. Adagio for TRON Listen
11. Nocturne Listen
12. End of Line Listen
13. Derezzed Listen
14. Fall Listen
15. Solar Sailer Listen
16. Rectifier Listen
17. Disc Wars Listen
18. C.L.U. Listen
19. Arrival Listen
20. Flynn Lives Listen
21. TRON Legacy (End Titles) Listen
22. Finale Listen


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