Trailer Trove: First Trailer For Paul Lands, Seth Rogen Is A Small Alien Cowboy…

So who thought the best of America, funny man Seth Rogan and British comedy-duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost could come to together to make such a stellar movie — and here it is, Paul. The movie that brought comedy together. Not that that’s a slight dramatization, but the news of the day is the landing of the very first theatrical trailer! And funnily enough its out of this world…

Yahoo UK were the first post the Sci-fi comedy trailer online, with youtube appearances popping up shortly after.

For those familiar with the plot, you will surely know that Paul follows two best friends Graeme Willy and Clive Gollings, played by Pegg and Frost, two british sci-fi geeks who are making their way across to San-Diego for Comic-con. The pair end up taking a trip to Nevada, for peak at Area 51 (is there ever was such a place). Along the road the duo find a alien called Paul, comical? yes no? All sorts of hi jinxes ensue as the two take Paul in to custody, whilst being chased by Men In Black type federal agents.

So plot aside I think Paul actually has a chance, although adding CGI to the reasonably CGIless comedians might prove to be interesting. From the pair that brought us such greats as Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, and from the the director of Superbad and Adventureland — starring Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Jason Bateman, and Seth Rogen. Paul has something going for it, great company.

Check out the trailer below, and as ever…enjoy!

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