Has James McAvoy Just Joined The Rising And Falling Cast Of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies??

It’s been a slow year for the movie adaption of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, with further delays meaning that only now – practically at the very end of this year – is the casting for the zombie-parody now ready to get cracking. For those a little less familiar with the book, it’s what you get when you mash-up the classic Jane Austin novel with a bunch of flesh eating zombies (or “Unmentionables” as they call them). So you can only imagine the appeal!!

Having read the book myself, way back in 2009 when it was released under its and other mash-ups publisher Quirk Classics (which have adapted several other Austin classics already) I naturally assumed that a film adaption was only to be expect from such an exceptional pairing. Jane Austin and Zombies, who knew?

The real news however comes from a Scottish Newspaper called The Daily Record, who claim that X-Men: First Class actor James McAvoy (already a fan favorite for the role of mr. Darcey) has been signed on as resident dream-boat and subsequent zombie slayer Mr. Darcy. Who for this version has been side-benched as the stories main protagnist — in this case being replaced by Zombies!

Hotly discussed on the Imdb boards, PPAZ has already gained a cult status with readers — and what I’ve interpreted from the many posts and replies is that McAvoy is perfect for the role. Born for it in fact, as so many bluntly put it. I however disagree, seeing as McAvoy not only lacks the required height but just doesn’t protrude a zombie-slaying badass — let alone the ability to put forward a arrogant, self-indulged prick like Darcy!

The article also states that the role of lead heroine and fellow zombie-slaying-badass Elizabeth Bennet is being closed in on by Anne Hathaway, which is odd because nothing of a whisper has associated her with the film. I mean if theres no rumors (and usually theres enough) to suggest this, then either they have some very accurate sources or they have some bad info! Either way I think that both McAvoy and Hathaway would do a suitable job as headliners, and would do the book justice it so deserves.

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