A 3D Flubber!? A Longly Dreaded Sequel To The Robin Williams Comedy Stinker…Oh Joy

Frankly it’s a wonder that we’ve lasted so long without a sequel to the dreadful 90’s Robin Williams comedy Flubber all these years. It’s not as if anyone didn’t expect it either, knowing Disney’s view on sequels its almost a surprise! But perhaps they were holding out for something, and according to reports that something was digital 3D, and so comes Flubber 3D.

According to What’s Playing we may have to sit through another painstakingly boring 90 minutes of crappy slap-stick humor, as Disney are apparently already making plans for a Flubber 3D. The story reveals that the studio have been aiming to a sequel for years and are heavily looking into getting Robin Williams to reprise his role as Professor Philip Brainard — heres hoping he doesn’t take it! But judging by the report, Disney isn’t interested in doing it without Williams.

To be honest I would imagen that Williams would want to take the role, as his last project was just as worthless (I mean Old Dogs isn’t my idea of good entertainment). But for his already sinking reputation sake I hope that bigger and better roles lay ahead for him, because with or without him Flubber 3D will be a stinker… I mean come on!!

It’s capital audience have probably forgotten the trauma of seeing the 1997 film! And anyway they’re probably to old and to busy stuffing themselves with twinkling vampires and exploding robots to notice for god-sakes!! Like it or not Flubber 3D is happening, unless by some divine miracle Williams manages to decline…

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