Trailer Trove: That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind! Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Teaser Online And With Neil Armstrong!? TF Gets Historical?

If your one of the people who doubts the Transformers franchise then this trailer is for you! The teaser for Michael Bay‘s third Transformers film, Dark Of The Moon, has hit the net in advance to its attachment to the latest Chronicles Of Narnia — and holy mutha is it awesome!

Viewable here at Apple, the teaser was supposed to hit theaters this weekend but was premiered online — which gives us our very first look into the hotly awaited TF film, that should be a major step up from its last crappy sequel.And It’s not just cus former Bay babe Megan Fox will be absent for the film!

The huge budgeted film has been hot at work filming for a 2011 release, mostly filming in Chicago and Washington D.C for the entirety of the year. Directed by trigger-happy Michael Bay, Transfomers: Dark Of The Moon looks like it will be centred more around outer-space this time round — with the teaser taking place mostly on the moon with the Apollo 11 mission crew members.

Starring Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro and Ramón Rodríguez who will all be reprising their roles for the script written by returning scribe and collaborator Ehren Kruger. The film will be set around the Apollo 11 missions to the moon, and the eventual discovery of the Transformers.
Set around the 50’s, the film is promising to make up for the last stale sequel and with the release of this infinitely awesome teaser all convincing us that Bay is looking for a touch down this time around! And mostly because its his last chance to get it right, as this film is set to be the last installment the franchise. So check out the vid below, and as always enjoy!

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