Trailer Trove: Arthur Christmas Reveals A Very Close Encounters Styled UFO Sley, Giving A Sci-fi Edge To The Santa Mythos

It’s not christmas 2010 just yet, but despite the advent calendar being only 7 days in Sony Pictures felt the need to tease audiences with a vision of what to expect christmas next year — Arthur Christmas to be exact. Starting off with a very March Of The Penguins setting, the south pole we presume, Arthur Christmas is the son of jolly old Saint Nick i.e Santa Clause (played by Jim Broadbent). The teaser doesn’t really give off an idea a storyline.

Starting with a Morgan Freeman styled voice over, it goes on to reveal the overeager son of Santa, Arthur (voiced by James McAvoy) who is interrupted by a anxious elf who is quick to dent any existence of Santa or his workers. It then reveals some very Close Encounters styled slay, which looks pretty fantastic really — a fresh take on the Santa slay.

Arthur Christmas is brought to us by the company behind other such Animated works as Wallace And Gromit, the British Aardman Studios. Starring the voices of McAvoy, Bill Nighy, Hugh Laurie, and Jim Broadbent. Heading for a release next year in November, right before the silly season — so keep an eye out for pics, and as always enjoy the teaser below!


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