Endurance At It’s Best, Bond 23 Pushes Past Company’s Woes And Gets A 2011 Shooting Date! Sam Mendes To Shoot Another 007 Late Next Year

Like most predicted the seemingly doomed 23rd Bond has persevered against all odds, enduring company MGM’s money problems for the most of the year. It seems that something as big as Bond isn’t going down without a fight, which is to be expected from a company that has been running for more than 86 years! Composer David Arnold, who will be working on the music for the 23rd Bond film, assured us that the film was going ahead 100% and was well on its way to recovery!

As well as The Daily Mail having kate Winselt let slip that the still untitled Bond film will start filming towards the end of next year! And that the actress would be moving from her New York home to London, which is where current director Sam Mendes and Winslet’s ex-husband is planning to shoot the film — so that he can see his kids without disturbing his filming schedule.

It was evident that at the start of MGM’s money problems and company failure that all its films, including the Bond franchise, would be caught up in a tangle of debt and delays — meaning that everyone, including myself doubted that Bond 23 would ever surpass its woes and pick itself up and dust off the delays. And now here we are, Bond 23 is being made, and I can assure you that its not going to be a small film in the least. Don’t expect a release until late 2012, to early 2012 on this one — so don’t wait up!

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