Nolan’s Search For Superman Continues…Or Rather Starts!

To be quite honest this is going to be a testing few months/year for us bloggers/reporters, because we have the strenuous job of bringing you the millions of rumors and speculations that will surround the casting for Zack Snyders‘s Superman reboot this next year.

Judging buy the template (superhero flick) casting has a way of playing out on a lengthy scale, much like the search for the latest Spiderman/Peter Parker — which led to actor Andrew Garfield, after several hundred previous candidates. So saddle up!

This being the first post related to casting of any kind for Nolan’s Superman, its more of a notification rather than news but just a warning According to Deadline, producer Chris Nolan and director Snyder have started looking for the actor to headline the next Superman film — get ready.

This time around they will be looking for something a little different, thank god, with searches for an actor between the ages of 28-32 already going out. As well as that its the producers/directors express wishes to have a relatively unknown person this time to play the the last son of krypton — for which I applaud them. Because it seems the younger they get, the worse it gets — not that Brandon Routh had anything to do with how awful Returns was…*cough* *cough*. But hey, they seem to be learning off of it.

I’ve never been one for speculation, because frankly theres enough of it out there — but Deadline believes that some early candids are rookie stars Armie Hammer, and Tyler Winklevoss (both from The Social Network) who was speculated to play Batman in the now scrapped Justice League film. Obviously I have never heard of either of them, which may be a good sign. So thats it from me and the casting call, stay tuned for more updates and rumors from Superman: Man Of Steel!

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