Karl Urban In Full Judge Dredd Kit, Our First..Not Entirely Official Look

It seems that the Karl Urban‘s incarnation of the classic comic anti-hero Judge Dredd is coming along nicely, with progress looking like its properly underway — as this post is to show off the first image of Kiwi actor Urban in full attire.

The main thing that has been on the most of fan-boys and general followers minds is will they build on the painfully terrible 1995 Sylvester Stallone Dredd — which Judging by this pic they have done just that. I mean just look, he has the mask on!! (Stallone’s Dredd liked to remove the helmet, which is one thing the fans didn’t like at all) As in the comic the character never removes his helmet, not even for a breather. I’m thinkg that at some point they will want us to get a glimpse off Urban’s face, but lets hope not too much.

The pic came from this Twitter account, which in turn leaked it online through the site, meaning that whoever the account belongs to they must have a official connection to the prodiction on some level — ‘cus this doesn’t look like your average set-pic…Thats it from me, I hoped you enjoyed the pic — I know I did. Lets just hope copyright doesn’t become and issue..

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