Brad Pitt’s Film Company Vying For Film Rights To Chilean Miners Story

Brad Pitt and his film company, Plan B Entertainment, have apprently made a multi-million-dollar offer for the rights to the story of the extraordinary events that surrounded 33 Chilean Miners after being trapped for 69 days in a San José copper-gold mine in the Atacama Desert just 2 months ago — reports a Santiago newspaper.
The daily El Mercurio saya a lawyer for the miners told them they had received an offer from Pitt’s company for the film — a movie which has already drawn some attention in the media. Obviously not the first offer they have had on their heartening trapped and rescued story, says there lawyer who told them that the offers ranged between 10-12 in a day — meaning that not only Hollywood are interested in bringing an account of the miners ordeal to the world audience.
What hits me as strange is why people are so interested into getting a adaption of the almost-near tragedy – that only saw its conclusion last month – out so soon? I mean I’m all for a film adaption but already!? Don’t you think that this is milking it jut a little bit? But aside from my doubts, Plan B and the miners have not come to any deal as yet and are working out the fine details.
Hopefully some much needed space can be left between the event itself and its film counterpart, besides Buried isn’t that far away! According sources the miners wish to set up a holding company to equally distribute the proceedings before considering any final deals — and judging by the interest I think that many, far larger offers are yet to be made.
So thats it from me and the miners, stay tuned for more!
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