Everythings Upside Down!? Spidey/Peter Parker Will Be Raised By His Actual Parents In Webb’s Reboot….Or Not

Progress is being made on Sony’s Spider-man reboot, with director Marc Webb and his team of writers already marking their reboot with a new take on the classic Spidey comics, adding some necessary edits and some not so savoury changes — RE: the change in love-interest from lovable red-head Mary-Jane to not-so-lovable (or recognizable) blond Gwen Stacey. But hey, at least they’re giving it a go, although the original film has almost list-less merits.

It looks as though the Spidey we know (and loved) is almost being demolished and covered with flashy high-rise apartments in Webb’s reboot, so to speak — adding to the pile of uncalled for and seemingly unnecessary inceptions.

The tip came from Whats Playing, spreading the rumor that Webb, not only content on changing the anatomy of Pete Parker’s heart, has apparently been cast-hunting for a 4-6 year old to play a much younger Parker for a flash-back sequence. Obviously having to look similar to earlier-this-year-cast Andrew Garfield.

Now Webb has changed the initial age group for a Andrew-Garfield-look-alike to 6-9 years old, as WP were told earlier this month. Meaning that either some trouble finding a match for new Spidey Garfield or just a change in direction. The story is that the scene that they are casting for will feature Parker’s bio-logical parents — and hopefully fill in some gaps as to how (and why)  Parker ends up in the care of Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

I can appreciate what Marc Webb and his team of writers are trying to achieve but I don’t quite udnerstand why they have to change so many crushel elements for their reboot? I fear that not only will they change things for the worse but will also mis-shape and skew the icon of Spider-man to the point of no-recognition. Which is not what I or actual fans want.

Filming is due to cap off sometime in December, and as news streams in I will try to keep organised so that you get the latest — but otherwise get over to my Twitter and I will post any links that come up. So that’s it from and The Spider-man reboot, stay tuned for more as it comes!

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