Twisted Pictures Moving On From Saw Franchise To A Much Meater Weapon Of Choice……The Chainsaw + Progress Is In Motion

Since the seventh and final Saw film in the franchise is nearly over and done with, Twisted Pictures, the company responsible for producing all seven torture-porn films may have a much meatier weapon in mind this time round…the Chainsaw — and judging by the company’s track-record its not for gardening.

Awhile back (unnoticed by me) Twisted Pictures picked up the rights to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise after they were dropped by equally as acclaimed horror company Platinum Dunes, so this will be the second reboot since the original series — after PD’s 2003 remake and its prequel in 2006, both of which I own and adore.

Now that Twisted’s resident psycho Jigsaw is all but dead and gone they can now start work on bringing back the shock-horror of the original survival horror in Leatherface 3D!

Produced by Marc Burg the script is being penned by experienced Horror inkers Debra Sullivan and Adam Marcusas we speak, with the final touches being added meaning that (hopefully) we will be looking at a filming date some time soon.

The scoop is that the film will be a direct sequel to the first film directed by Tobe Hooper way-back in ’74, picking up straight after the events of the first film (completely ignoring the lore of the Platinum Dunes’ Chainsaw Massacres and apparently the sequels). Picking up from where we left him, an angry and if not dis-heartened Leatherface dancing round in sorrow having just let his morning snack/new attire get away — and most-likly taking the long walk of shame home. The movie will then jump to modern times.

So technically its a reboot as it will be starting off a hopefully more successful franchise than the last.

The news itself comes from Bloody Disgusting, with the exclusive of a cult styled story-line — which doesn’t stray to far from pack like the similarly styled Halloween franchises later sequels. BD says that they picked up on a whispering of a plot based on a cult — so whatever it is I’m sue its going to be awesome because taking a classic like TCM and building on the shock-horror is a tremendous and pressure filled job — as Michael Bay and the Dunes boys found out. It ain’t easy staying true to fans and getting a shed load of money at the same time.

I just hope that they can improve on what Bay and his company did for the franchise because frankly I’m not seeing anything more you could do with the franchise that hasn’t already been done. But hey, I look forward to Twisted’s contribution to the franchise. So that’s it from me and TCM, stay tuned for more!


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