Cast Surprise For X-Men: First Class, Cab Driver Spills The Beans On Prequel Cameos

According to a Georgia cab driver, filming for X-men: First Class the Marvel prequel including Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Kevin Bacon, and Jason Flemyng has added Marvel-high-roller Hugh Jackman’s name to the billing. The cab driver reported that he gave Hugh Jackman, who plays the character Wolverine in the Marvel universe, a ride from the set of filming for ‘First Class’. Meaning that either hes gotten a bit nostalgic and can’t wait till filming for Wolverine 2, or hes actually going to cameo in already started filming prequel.

A slick move really, since Wolverine is ageless and as we saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine he has lived through a century, meaning any possible prequels (most Marvel origins stories) could feature this adamantian infused super dude. Fox however seems to have a different opinion on the matter, saying earlier this week in a statement “X-Men hasn’t started shooting in Georgia yet and if Hugh was in Georgia, it wasn’t for this movie,” leaving us a little confused.

But in a truthfulness, here at Cinema Sharkz were fairly certain that it would be highly unlikely for him to be there for anyhting other than the film. ‘Cus frankly we’ve been lied to before.

What I like about this film  is that its a batch of fresh faces (being a prequel) and having someone like Jackman’s character feature is a nice familiar face. So stay tuned for more, and I will update you on Wolverines cameo.


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