Batman 3 Is Now The Dark Night Rises…Wtf!? Christopher Nolan Fills In Some Details, Obviously Inspired By Bay’s Dark Of The Moon

It seems that this month is the month of terrible title-changes, the first being the Michael Bay conjured ear-rapingly terrible title Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon, and now its Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman’s turn to follow the mantle of badly titled sequels.

According to an exclusive interview held by the guys over at Hero Complex Blog, Nolan, who sat down with Geoff Boucher, divulged some set secrets and took the time to blab the new title for the now titled The Dark Knight Rises. What the hell!?

What is so desirable about crappy sequel titles?? The last two have done well in the ways of titles, The Dark Knight Rises? I mean seriously, what is there to distinguish the last almost identical titled film from between each other, its almost as bad as the earlier caped-crusader films of the 80’s — its seems its adopted the one worded approach.

I’m not such a fan of the new title, obviously, but as for everyone else a mixed review is taking place — with fans and foes divided between hell no and hell yeah. Its hard to tell what to think when no one seems to be making sense. But aside from the tragic titling, Nolan also ad-libbed that the Riddler would not be the villian this time round. Sadly.

We also hear that a bat-signal (casting call) has been sent out for a female lead — meaning early rumors of a Catwoman styled character could jump into take the place of recently-deceased love-interest Rachel Dawse, who most likely wont’ be featuring this time round, being dead and all. But hey, its Nolan were talking about — and anythings possible.

Also, Nolan was only to happy to discuss the involvement of digital 3D in the film — remembering that Warner Bros. only announced early this year that they would be opting for 3Dification as well as the usual Imax treatment Nolan enjoys so much.

The rest of the interview is a bit of a blur, but can be read here. So thats it from me and intensely aggravating title changes, stay tune for more info as it comes(:


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