There And Back Again, The Hobbit Cast Announced! Martin Freeman Is Bilbo!!

I don’t know about you, but being a movie blogger myself, having to write day-by-day week-after-week mostly on the production or lack of The Hobbit has become a bit of a chore. With the last month mostly dedicated to the short sighted progress of the film, and its development. And as it still goes, The Hobbit is in danger of heading offshore for a European location. Despite director PJ’s protests.
But alas! For those who have been following the seemingly never-ending Hobbit saga, will be happy to get some much needed reassurance, with a near-full cast announcement!
According to Deadline, the rumors that surfaced only a couple of months ago where indeed correct, Martin Freeman has been cast as Bilbo Baggins for both Hobbit films — which follows Bilbo Baggins and a band of Dwarfs headed to free their mountain home from the evil dragon Smaurg.

As much as I would love to say I told you so, because Freeman was the ideal man in mind — although we didn’t see it at the time, I still look forward to seeing a young Bilbo. Hes the peoples choice, the crews choice and my choice. And now for the dwarf multitude.

Leadiung the band of lovable shorties is Richard Armitage, who is set to play resident short stack Thorin Oakenshield — who leads the crew of armour clad munchkins. Aidan Turner and Rob Kazinsky are set to play the dwarf brothers Kili and Fili, with Graham McTavish playing Dwalin. John Callen is on to play Oin, Stephen Hunter is Bombur, Mark Hadlow is Dori and others include the father of Gimlie, Gloin, who will be played by Peter Hambleton — leaving Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis‘ chracters missing of the list.

Presuming that both are their characters in the film, mainly Gandalf the grey as the film relys on him setting up the party with all the Dwarfs at Blibo’s — thus convincing him to travel to their hilly home to defeat the dragon. So either they’ve been left out by misake or on purpose – either way its fairly certain that both Gollum/Smegul and Gandalf will feature in both prequels. No sign whether any of the Fellowship crew will feature as younger versions of themselves, but don’t hold out for an appearance.

According to source neither McKellen or Skeris have deals made yet respectivly, but as time goes by expect an announcement — as both a detarmetal to the storys progretion. A few smaller names have been dropped over at Deadline, head over to here for the full list. Names like 10th Doctor Who David Tennant, as well as other holding out for roles like Stephen Fry, Saoirse Ronan as well as Bill Nighy in some undisclosed roles.

So thats it from me and Casting for The Hobbit, stay tuned for more as it comes! And lets hope for a fast recovery of Peter Jackson’s heavily bruised film…

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