The Scream 4 Teaser Trailer Is Here As As Promised….And In Glorious HD!

As they promised, The Weinstein Company has gone and put up the full teaser (in glorious HD) for Wes Craven‘s upcoming fourth Scream movie, and now that I’ve seen it in HD…theres no going back! It’s masterful, it plays on the fact that throughout the last three films, the murderers have been playing by a set of imaginary rules by which each and every Horror film plays by — and now its bringing it all tumbling down!
The teaser, which first appeared online straight after the Scream Awards where held on Monday night (US) — and although we could only just make it out, it was still pretty damn awesome! Thank you to Yahoo! Movies for the video, and thank you for holding out so long for an official release — as this is post no 4 on the exact same teaser, so Im singing a sweet sigh of relief! So without further ado, Scream 4……! Enjoy

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