Outragous Fortune Star Robyn Malcolm Receives Abuse In NZ Cafe’ Over Union Woes

You know things are bad when stars start getting abuse from over-the-top technical workers, and it’s NZ’s own Robyn Malcolm who recieves the blunt end of the stick this time — after fares that the Hobbit films will be leaving the New Zealand shores.

Malcom had to be escorted by police from a local inner-city restaurant in Wellington last-night, after several technical workers and protestors greated the Outrageous Fortune actress with abusive behaviors and threats.

Things became heated when Malcolm, after dinning with CTU (Council of Trade Union) boss Helen Kelly, was noticed and approached by a couple of technical workers outside of– who where obviously affected in some shape or form by the Union boy-cott. She was meet with abuse and threats by a group of people gathered outside the restaurant.

She had been picked on because of her affiliation and support of the NZ Actors’ Equity and CTU, and supports of the new union conditions that where supposed to be laid out and hopefully agreed upon at a meeting that was planned for tonight.

The meeting that was to be held in Auckland later tonight, was further put on hold because of the latest incident that occurred last-night. Meaning that not only will the meeting be delayed further but it will also be stunting the already at-a-snails-pace production of the two LOTR prequels.

Apparently the workers where worried about losing The Hobbit film to an overseas location — but hey nothing to get violent over. I mean I don’t want the films to be shipped of somewhere else either because frankly, New Zealand is Middle Earth.

Fans and folk would agree, seeing anything Hobbit related filmed anywhere but here would just be devastating and damaging to our already at stake film industry. When will be see and end to The Hobbit‘s Union woes?

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