Jackson Takes The Directors Seat For Hobbit And Gets The Green Light In The Process….Hallelujah!

Well it’s a highly predictable outcome in the saga that has become Sir Peter Jackson‘s LOTR prequels, The Hobbit. Mostly because at the first signs of downfall (MGM’s “money” problems) everyone knows that big man, and crowd favorite Peter Jackson was always meant to sit in the directors chair for the split films. The Hobbit – which has, for the most part of the year has been largly put on hold becuase of several hundred set-backs – is now green-light, with NZ’s own Sir Peter Jackson behind the camera for both films!
Talk about a long sigh of relief! I mean first with the studios towers of mounting debt, then director Guillermo Del Toro dropping from the project — and now currently the spat with the actors union, talk about bad omens! Speaking of the actors union, apparently this afternoon a meeting was held in producer and now director P Jackson’s native studio in Wellington today. Meaning that both parties are committed to getting this issue straightened out, but for the reminder the unions are still asking that none under contract are to accept roles in the film — which is a bit of a pain in the ass don’t you think?
Still, cast or nor filming is set to get the go ahead from Warner Bros. this weekend, whether over seas or not still has everyone strung up. But regardless, filming for back-to-back films will start, with a set and cast who knows? 
On the casting front we know at this point The Office star Martin Freeman is tipped to play lead Hobbit Bilbo Baggins, with Ian McKellen reprising his role of Gandalf. As well as 7th Dr Who Sylvester McCoy rumored to be playing wizard Radagarst, and expect to see Andy Serkis back for a maybe pre Gollum Smeagle (rumored also)!
So expect with the now green-lit project a whole-heap more of cast announcements — along with some much needed resolution between the actors guild and producers. Thats it from me, and The Hobbit — stay tuned from more!

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