It’s Every Teenagers Dream! Another Jackass 3D Movie On Its Way And Ready For Release!?

I have to say its not all that much of a surprise, I mean a movie entirely all about doing stupid things for kicks is in itself pretty damn awesome — but that, gone 3D sounds genius! And that’s just what they did, they followed the fad and now they reap the rewards…a HUGE amount of hype and a hell of a lot of notice from followers and general viewers alike. 

They did what any sensible franchise would do, follow the craze — which is of course 3D. Well played Steve-O, well played. Now they maybe be treated to another round of crazy stunts and stupid antics!

It was a surprise hit this weekend of its release, and like an unexpected success it has the aftermath to ponder and it looks like Paramount are jumping the gun and going full out for a sequel. But hang on according to the studio, the Jack-Ass team, while filming JA 3D took WAY more footage than was actually needed. Enough so to warrant a second release of dudes laughing and humiliating each other.

Similar to the case back in 2005 with Jack-Ass 2.5, which was basically a straight-to-DVD release of hours of deleted scenes and bonus footage from Jackass 2. But different to its approach this time, the L.A. Times says Paramount are apparently planning a full theatrical release this time around and I can’t say I hate the idea!

It may be shadowing the classic James Cameron Avatar: Special Edition cash grab but really who really cares if audiences are digging the first transition to 3D for the franchise. I haven’t dipped my beak into the Jackass 3D pool but await its welcome presence on the New Zealand screens! Jackass 3D is now out in cinemas in select countries and comes out in New Zealand on the 4th of November!


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