Fox Scores The Film Rights To Adapting Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I hate to say this but it may be even more exciting than the news of a Pride And Prejudace And Zombies adaption — but hey they’re both fine works from legendary macabre writer Seth Grahame-Smith! Last week Deadline announced that Fox had won a high-stakes bidding war for the rights to adapt one the latest works from Quirk Classics writer Grahame-Smith, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter — which will be adapted into a Live-action film.

Going up against other such studios as Sony and Paramount and Universal and Summit, Twentieth Century Fox came out victorious and claimed the film rights over Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which is a Biographical/vampire mashup that tells the story of America’s sixteenth president and his desire to kill all blood suckers.

Fox was apprently so eager to score the film that they even went as far to get director Tim Burton to produce and director Timur Bekmambetov to head a script written by Grahame-Smith. Production on the film will aprently begin in March of next year, in digital-3D. The original book came out earlier this year, and recieved mixed reviews — I’m yet to get my hand on a copy, so will post my review as soon as.

While this is surely going to be a big hit, I’m still weary as to who they get to play big-man Abe. Any picks? If you’ve seen the book’s trailer then you’ll agree that a movie-adaption is almost a match made in heaven — but hey, who knows? It should be interesting to see the reaction of fellow Quirk Classic Pride And Prejudace And Zombies with audiences.


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