Trailer Trove: WARNING Do Not Fuck With Nic Cage In This New Trailer, ‘Cus He Likes To Drive Angry 3D!!

It’s been awhile since our last installment of Trailer Trove, because its like riding a bike, who can be bothered anymore. Just kidding, but heres a little taste of the latest trailer worthy of a mention —Drive Angry 3D!

Has Big-daddy come back from the dead? I seems so, in the official trailer to Drive Angry 3D, about a father who escapes from hell to take on the cult that killed his daughter and stole her baby. Which promises the same R-rated Nic Cage revenge seen in similarly styled comic-book flick Kick-Ass — so we know that Cage will be serving some serious beef with this one.

Directed by My Bloody Valentine‘s (remake) Patrick Lussier, and stars Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, David Morse, Billy Burke and Tom Atkins. A couple of months back footage from the film showed at this years San-Diego Comic-con, but now we have the full trailer to the film right below and I’ve gotta say that I’m digging the new direction of Bangkok Dangerous star Nic Cage — because god knows he doesn’t suit serious faced movies (and yes I’m referring to Knowing).

So check out the trailer embedded below and follow this link to check out the awesome new Poster after the jump. I loved it, and lets hope you do! Otherwise Nic Cage is gonna be on your ass with a shotgun! Enjoy!


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