Cameron In Talks With Sony Pictures To Adapt Cleopatra To The Big Screen, With Angelina Jolie In Mind To Play Titular Egyptian..In 3D!

Yesterday It came to play that Deadline caught wind of a rumor that Avatar director James Cameron is planning a 3D adaptation of the Stacy Schiff novel Cleopatra, with actress Angelina Jolie in mind to play titular Queen Cleo. According to Deadline director Cameron, along with Sony Pictures Entertainment are exploring the idea of making the potential film in digital 3D — another one!?

I’m not a huge fan of Cameron, don’t get the wrong idea – i like his films – but to be honest he’s a little bit aloof himself, and directors that boast their way to the top are no friend of mine. I mean Avatar was GREAT, there is no words for how awesomly good it was but to ride on such success’ as Titanic now days, has little or no nostalgic credo for us.

Despite his lack of humility, Deadline says that the film will be based on the Stacy Schiff book Cleopatra: A Life. Which basically tells the life story of the striking queen, and speaking of striking apparently stunning actress Angelina Jolie (SALT, Changeling) is very much involved and gunning for the film to be made. With producer Scott Rudin, who acquired the adaption rights, to back up the film.

Apparently talks are undergoing, and quite hastily by the sounds of it. With a rating and script already in play, with screenwriter Bran Helgeland saying of the script, saying its a”brilliant script deserving of epic treatment” about “what the Romans took from Egypt”. So there we go, its nothing to new — its a historically based film after all, what did you expect. People are excited, and its showing as the film has been pushed into fifth gear with some outstanding pinions boosting a fast-track to pre-production.

Although the discussions are nothing final, it still has to join the line of other “brilliant scripts deserving of epic treatment” so don’t get into a flurry — its a long way out, and with the que who knows when this “brilliant script” will form into a film.

The last on-screen appearance of the Egyptian queen was in 1963, directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz played by Elizibeth Taylor — the film nearly bankrupt studio 20th Century Fox despite being the biggest earner of the year. Now director Cameron is gunning for another appearance of female heroine Cleopatra, and apart from his current projects The Dive, and future Avatar sequels, nothing should stop him from the in-talks epic!

So thats it from James Cameron and Cleopatra, stay tuned for more!


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