NOT THE CAMARO!?! A Second Accident On Set For Filming Of Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.

Well everyone knows how Michael Bay earned the nick-name Bayhem, and in his latest escipade — re: Transformers 3, mayhem has been a plenty. As I posted last month a extra on the chicago set of the third Transformers installment almost lost her life when a tow cable snapped and recoiled through her windscreen and lashed her head — suffering a major headwound.

Now it seems a second disaster has hit filming of Bay’s third Transformers, and no I’m not referring to the recent title change. We all know that Michael Bay likes to indulge in some epic car carnage, re: the awesome Bad Boys 2 highway chase — boat and all. But while filming yesterday Bay got one crash that he didn’t plan for.

A seemingly unaware Police SUV speed through filming yesterday, in the Washington D.C. area and collided with a stunt driver in the middle of a scene — the car, which was a Chevy Camara suffered severe frontal damage after failing to break in time. The SUV was apparently answer an emergency call but knew nothing of the filming going on in the streets, before the Chevy Camaro collided into its side –it miraculously got away with a few scratches. Sadly Bumble Bee didn’t, as we can see below in the pics and following vid.

Luckily the stunt driver was unharmed as the car was crunched from the front back, the police officer was taken to hospital but bore no serious injuries — and was released later on with no harm. If you can remember awhile back, extra Gabriela Cedillo was taken to hospital for serious injuries to the head, so in comparisson its nothing to fuss over — just a bit of car on car action. Nothing Bay can’t afford! What I want to know is whether Bay will include it in the script? Cus that cars seriously messed up.

And the video….

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