Daft Punk Sure To Be Cameoing In Tron: Legacy, Latest Promo Pic Agrees + 90 Seconds Of Pure Soundtrack Gold

As I didn’t know, Disney will now be releasing a promo pic every Tuesday till the release of their sequel Tron Legacy — and this week its tehcno-rockers Daft Punk who feature on the game grip! Its been long since rumored that the due would make a cameo in the film, and aside from providing the soundtrack for the film an appearance is to be expected. And with the french born electronica god’s love for futuristic attire its almost a match-made in heaven for both.
Awhile back I posted the release date of said soundtrack, so its not long till you’ll be rocking out to the french electronica gods latest and greatest creation — its a techno-lovers dream to have such a genre defining film accompanied by such astounding artists. So you can tell I’m excited, aren’t you?

The pic originates from the films Facebook page which can be viewed here, along with the song on the same. To top it off, we can look forward to next Tuesday’s Tron Legacy pic! Stay tuned for the next Tron pic and more from me here at CS! Check out the dressed up Daft dudes below!


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