Mad Max: Fury Road Having Trouble Getting Out Of First Gear, Production Being slowed By Delays

The fourth installment of the popular australian franchise, Mad Max: Fury Road, has apparently hit another delay along the already bumpy road. This being the second delay for the film this year, the first being a unexpected amoung of down-poor in the filming region — now we hear that Fury Road has been snagged by another delay in filming.

Which is the very last thing a sequel 25 years in the making needs, most of those spent in a reserved seat in development hell. The bad news comes from The Australian, which say that the long over due sequel – the last being Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome some 25 years ago – will now be looking at a 2012 shooting date at the earliest — pushing back a release even further.

Damn it, and heres me hoping for a 2011 release — it just seems as though someone or something has it out for the film, and unless it can get it self out of first gear fast,  then I’m afraid to say that a 2013 release at the earliest will be what to expect this time round. At the moment pre-production is already at a snails pace and it looks like Mad Max: Fury Road is going nowhere fast.

To give you an idea of how long ago this film actually dates, when it was conceived and first came into existence they still had Mel Gibson playing lead role of Max — and now I can’t imagine he, or the producers would like to see an old Max dishing vengeance one walking stick hit at a time. Now we have the amazing Tom Hardy (Eames, Inception) as titular post-apocoplyptic vigilante cop.

Fury Road was scheduled to shoot back-to-back along with its eventual sequel Furiosa on its Australian location, with reportedly 130 cars at its disposal for the film — but I fear that we may not be seeing some car-nage for quite some time!


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