Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon Is The New Title For Michael Bay’s Third Transformers. Seriously? What A Joke

Seriously? The Dark Of The Moon!? Come on that doesn’t even make any sense apart from the obvious — which is the nod to the Transformers other-wordly origins but come on thats just lame!  I would even go as far to say that the last, not so great (Revenge Of The Fallen) was a step up from this rookie crap — as far as the title goes anyway. It sounds like a bad rip off of a Pink Floyde album.

I honestly thought that Bay was trying to actually improve on his last crappy TF film and will be building on the parts that made it so bad  — and the I’m sorry to say but the stupid title has my mind made up.

Collider confirmed yesterday that the upcoming release of Michael Bay‘s third TF film will no longer be simply working under the title of Transformers 3, but will from now on be known as Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon. Which sounds highly stupid, but that proves that its a Bay decision — which I point out in the nicest of ways. Other than the obvious what could the title have to do with the film?

It has been stated that there is apparently only a month left to go on the films production in Chicago, said producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura this weekend. Also according to other sources, bay has been extending his reach into the unkonw — getting cast and crew clearance to film in the Kennedy Space Center in Florida as well as a hundred extra’s for filming scenes. Meaning that either Bay is planning to blow up the moon, as the new title may suggest, or some of the film will be set in outer-space.

I think either way shits going to get blown up, as they do in any Bay related film, so hold onto your horses ‘cus this high octane thrill ride has just gone galactic! I’m not saying that its a major con, but so far from what we’ve seen…not all is good and this new title is less than savory but hey.

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