Preacher Comic Adaption Getting The Aronofsky Treatment

Fresh from rumors of being a possible choice of director for the Christopher Nolan‘s Man Of Steel reboot, director Darren Aronofsky, it seems is gunning for another comic-book adaption.

The much loved (and hated, in some religious groups) Preacher comic-book series, run by Vertigo a.k.a the R rated sector of DC comics, follows Jesse Custer a down-and-out preacher from a small Texas who was accidentally possessed by the supernatural creature named Genesis (the spawn of a demon and a angel) in an incident which killed his entire congregation and flattened his church.

Leaving him with powers that rival God’s (hence the religious scrutiny), Custer travels across the United State from his home town to literally find God, who abandoned Heaven the moment Genesis was born. Followed by his former ex-girlfriend and a Irish Vampire, the group seek out God and go up against the world’s most fearsome evils — that even include Custer’s own red-neck family.

So you can see the attraction to such a project, it’s exactly right for a big screen adaption. And that’s why it’s been hotly sought after for a silver-screen debut, several failed attempts showing that its not only a fan favorite but a potential winner with audiences world wide.

Truthfully I haven’t read any of the comics myself, only really learning of it’s existence yesterday I can already see myself lining up for this bad boy, its the comic-book shop for me — I love it, almost Hellboy-ish in concept it’s sure to be a keen attribute to the many hundreds of comic book adaptions already been pumped out eagerly these days.

As they do, it came from an anonymous source over at Newsarama that dropped the  that Aronofsky is being “targeted to direct Columbia Pictures’ big screen production of Preacher”. Back in 2008 when it was all a go for a Preacher adaption Sam Mendes was originally attached with a script from John August to adapt — before he had been swept into the newest James Bond, which now co-insides with other MGM future projects….sitting in the bog of uncertainty.

But an interview with producer Neal Moritz earlier this year ruled out the already in tatters Mendes as director, saying in April of this year to Collider that Mendes would no longer be directing Preacher as he had left the project to do the new James Bond film. He also claimed that there is “another director that we’re talking to right now” so obviously hot off his indie ballet flick Black Swam, he’s looking to get some acclaim in his next big effort — which now looks to be Preacher. Or is it?

As well as this latest news, director Aronofsky last time I heard was still keen for a sequel to the shitty X-Men spin-off prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine to which he directed. Though not confirming rumors, Aronofsky made it open that he was interested in the project and even met with Fox co-chair Tom Rothman. So aside from Preacher, he is not only in the running for Superman but also gunning for Wolverine 2. This directors got some heat, you better be ready for what ever’s next. Either way I would prefer Preacher or Superman, but hey who knows?


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