Set Watch: First Proper Mission Impossible 4 Set Pics Sees Ethan Hunt Playing Russian Dictator

Its been almost four years since the last, no so great Mission: Impossible III and Its been a it of a breeze when it comes to production — compared to a large majority of upcoming films which are facing some hardships. Filming for the fourth installment of the popular M:I franchise has officially kicked off, and to celebrate we have the some set pics to share with you.

The pics show star Tom Cruise in uniform, roaming around set, obviously for a scene involving resident spy Ethan Hunt disguising himself as a russian soldier or something of that effect. As well as some snaps of director Brad Bird on set of filming in in the Czech republic. The cast and crew arrived last week in Prague to commence filming, and while a few snaps were taken nothing like this has come up until now — its clear no time has been wasted to re-immerse Hunt into his spy antics.

Website Accidental Sexiness has posted some pics to form a gallery on their site which can be viewed on the link. Not as exciting as you would expect from such a high octane-action thrill ride film series as M:I but be re-assuered that there will be plenty more over time.

Check the pics out below, otherwise thats it from Set Watch. Stay tuned for more M:I pics to come.

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