A Techno-maniacs Delight! Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy Soundtrack Hits Shelfs This November

Should you be a fan of Techno, and then to go further and postulate that you love the Tron movies. At that point I’ll go ahead and conclude that you will be buying a copy of Daft Punk‘s Tron: Legacy soundtrack this November 22nd. It promises to be a electronic trifecta of awesomeness along with the basic awesomeness of any Daft Punk composed song, and will be released with a special edition poster for the film (which will be revealed 10 days from now)

If like me your eager to secure yourself a copy before the rush of techno-nerds devour all the stocks you can pre-order this puppy online, for the cheap price of $9.99 00 digital copy that is. But if your feeling a big nostalgic then you will have to shell out the high price of $39.98 (USD). So if your familiar with Daft Punk and there work then you will be happy to hear that the soundtrack was helped with over 100-person symphony, so it will be a bit off a change — but if you have been keeping tabs on the leaked samples then you should know what to be expecting. And if you haven’t then listen to some previews below:

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