Trailer Trove: Human Centipede 2 Bringing Ass-to-mouth A Whole New Meaning And Why You Won’t Be Seeing It

On the left we have a disturbingly accurate account of what happens when you take three people, some genreal sowing skills, no life, allot of time and a fucked up head. Thus creating The human centipede. Just when people thought it was okay to get back to the usual ass-to-mouth (and according to Dante in Clerks II, its regular) fun, Tom Six, the director of the disturbing medical-horror The Human Centipede rolled out the news that he would be making a sequel.
And here we are, the first for the sequel directed by Six has been rolled out — yes I do realize its been out for the last week but seeing as Im in Thailand soaking up the sun the blog doesn’t come up in my head on a list of things to do. I have no idea what this one will be about, but my guess is it will be heading down the same twisted chunk-blowing road — so prepare yourself as the video is just below. Warning don’t watch if you’ve just had a meal, because I forgot and….yeah. 
What was interesting though was the medically accurateness of the film, and although it shows anyone with the basic knowledge and a bit of time could make there own crap-eating centipede – not that anyone would want to – if they put there mind to it. It nice to know some people are using there heads, because those three are — for eating crap that is. Excuse my crudity but to take this kind of stuff seriously then you have to be a little unorthodox in approach to begin with. So you can watch the medically embedded trailer below, and enjoy! because I know I didn’t. 

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