MGM Receives Interest From Indian Billionaire, US$3 Billion May Take Away from The Studios Mounting Debt

According to NZ’s own newspaper, The Dominion Post, failing Hollywood studio Metro Goldwyn And Mayor may actually be getting some financial help from an unlikely source. Chairman of Indian conglomerate Sahara Pariwar is apparently willing to pump US$3.7 billion into the already billions of dollars in debt studio — which may be a quick sigh of relief as two of the studio’s biggest films have been put on hold because of their finance — or lack of.

We have been updated over the last year of the studios financial situation as several reasonably large franchise sequels have been put to rest because of the US$4 billion dollars worth of debt already owing to their creditors. As franchise rights holders of both, the untitled 23rd Bond and Hobbit films have already been put on hold, with several other less significant films nearing the same fate. Chairman Subrata Roy (of Sahara Pariwar), held a phone conference with struggling Metro Goldwyn’s creditors to try and buy out the struggling hollywood studio’s mountains of debt — to what effect? We don’t know, but my guess is that any money is good money right?


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