The Godzilla Reboot Is Actually Happening Says Legendary And Will Feature Some New Beasties For Godzilla To Battle

Are you a fan of Godzilla? If so then your one tough group of individuals because over the years the seemingly awesome franchise has suffered a few blows — with several failed attempts at making a decent film and a couple of crappy video games ensuring the image of that city eating beastie is forever cast in grey scale. Because in my books the only half decent film to feature the whale like monster was the Ishirô Honda original, Godzilla, in 1954. Simply because it has aged well compared to a few other less worthy monster romp films.

With 28 films under its belt, you would think the franchise had had enough…but sadly no — it was rumors last year that started saying Legendary Pictures were looking into rebooting the films. And sure enough last March it was confirmed by the studio, which was followed by the release of concept art fourth months later back in July — which can be seen on the right. So clearly things aren’t on the roll, at least not yet. Development has begun, but at a very slight pace so this could mean any number of things, including that the film is picking up or that its nearing development hell — so it could be a while at this rate.

At the risk of saying that I doubt this will get ever made, I do however have a video which was thankfully uploaded by Youtube user Zennie 62 from Bleeding Cool of an interview with producer Brian Rodgers at this weeks 3D summit. Who dropped some interesting details about his plans for the film, which include a 2012 release date as well as plans for 3D IMAX foundations in place. Their film will be a complete reboot, which will take from the original and build on some new ides — which includes the use of a new monster to battle against. Which will see Mr Godzilla in full fledged CG in a Live-Action world, set in modern day. So as far as the details go, they’re scarce but from the sounds of it they know what they want out of a reboot of the original character — minus all the elements that make 27 out of the 28 films he’s featured in so crappy.

check out the embedded video below to see the recorded interview, and as always enjoy!


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