Megan Fox Will Still Be Seeing Transformers 3, But May Get A Little Jealous ‘When I See Somebody Kissing My Shia’

Well isn’t this just rich, Ms Megan Fox may still have a soft spot for Bay’s Transformers, at least just one aspect in particular. The much sort after place of “babe” in the films, a role which made Fox’s career — which only this year saw Victoria’s Secrets model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley take over as lead actress for Bay’s Transformers 3.

After leaving the film earlier this year actress Fox, 24, revealed this week that she has plans to see upcoming Transformers 3 on release. But also revealed that she may still have a few sentimental attachments, as well as some jealousy on her part. Talking to MTV, the Jonah Hex actress said “I will see it. I’m gonna see it.

“I might be a little jealous when I see somebody kissing my Shia [LaBeouf], wearing my jeans that I… already had been fit for. It’s kind of weird, actually.” Ooh La La! And she went on to comment on how “different” herself and replacement for the films Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, adding “She’s six feet tall also, so maybe they’re not the exact same jeans. But it will be strange”

Just to note, Huntington-Whiteley is not replacing Fox’s character in the last to films Mikeala Banes, but will play a entirely new character to the film series — Carly who featured in early episodes of the animated TF series as Spike’s (a.k.a Sam’s) wife.

So the way I see it, is Fox was not entirely ready to leave the films — although TF director Michael Bay saw it differently, and if you would like to believe that she was dropped from the film simply because her ‘contract wasn’t renewed’ then good on you. But for whatever reason it must be good — because to be honest Im liking the way new TF babe Huntington-Whiteley is filling those jeans…..don’t you? Stay tuned for more from production of TF 3, and on actress Megan Fox!


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