Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Noomi Rapace, Is Cast As Female Lead In Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes 2

Hollywood it seems wants what she’s got, since starring in very first adaption of the popular Millennium series miss Noomi Rapace has had her first english-speaking role cast in Guy Ritchie‘s Sherlock Holmes 2 this week as well as being cast in the upcoming Mission Impossible 4

Having stared in the critically acclaimed swedish adaption of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (which is currently going under a American adaptation helmed by David Fincher), and two equally as successful sequels. Naturally its not that hard to believe that she has Hollywood knocking at her door, and now with talks of a Oscar nomination.
Last month Deadline reported that Rapace was up for the two roles in Holmes 2 and M:i-4, along with the news that Music Box Films – the company behind Dragon Tattoo and its sequels – are campaign for a Oscar nomination for the young actress.

Last month she apparently flew to Los Angeles for the first time to meet with producers high and low to except some roles and flee a few, accordingly accepting a role in upcoming sequel to the Robert Downey Jr. starring Sherlock Holmes in 2009 — and a guess as to who she’ll be playing would be very rare this early. A source for Deadline is quoted saying, “They’re originally meeting her expecting this hard-ass on a Harley wearing leather. But she’s nothing like Lisbeth. They’re shocked to find this unbelievably beautiful and sexy fresh-faced actress with a wonderful sense of humor. So now that’s opening doors for her. They go into the meeting to ask, ‘Do I have a villain? And they leave saying, ‘Do I have a great female lead?’”

The swedish born actress will take the mantle of lead female in Ritchie’s Holmes 2 from Rachel McAdams who has been rumored to also be in the film — but with Rapace in the lead I don’t think anything will go wrong. And if the rumors are in fact true, it looks like we may be getting a higher class of criminal for next years sequel. Awhile back, cast rumors pointed to Daniel Day-Lewis as Professor Moriarty — the resident bad-guy first cited in the first film on a smaller scale, and if Day-Lewis is in fact cast then we will surely be getting a fairly distinguished cast for the movies upcoming 2011 release.

 If you look at other such actors that have ascended at the rate that Rapace is now, then Marion Cotillard seems to come to mind as she shined in La Vien Rose and then went on to roles in Public Enemies and Inception — so what may be in store for the actress in the future may be likes of Inception. But for now two very large roles in two VERY big upcoming movies seems to be enough. So thats it from me and Tattoo’s, stay tined for more from the flowering actress.

Source: Deadline, Screen Rant, Cinema Blend

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